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HOLY F*$K 120x salvia

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by Bamm Bamm, Apr 27, 2008.


    euthanatos93420 Well-Known Member

    You reach ~%80 purity at 100x. %100@~125x

    The difference is truly negligable. Your math is a little off too. If you extract 112 grams worth and at it to the last gram, you'll have 113x. Standardized extractions are difficult to do and require a better set-up than non-standardized extractions. If you just make a 50x or so NS extractions....you should be more than good to go. At a certain point extraction becomes meaningless and redundant. In it's pure leaf form you could sit and smoke the shit all day and your lungs would say FUCK YOU before you got even close to high. At 20x you can easily get the dosage you're looking for without going overboard. at 40x & 50x You have to be fairly tolerant of the substance and still be good at measuring miniscule doses. Anything stronger is simply retarded.

    Stealing Well-Known Member

    I thought the max extract you could get of leaf stuff was 30x
    and the 100% pure stuff was the 50x liquid extract..?
    That's what I got from my salvia research anyway..

    Salvia is one hell of an insane drug.. I did one hit of 20x and had a more intense trip then I woulda imagined. I thought I was getting pulled into the wall and into some alternate dimension by some shadow hands, and thought I was tacked to the wall and I was completely flat like a poster. Crazy shit man.

    euthanatos93420 Well-Known Member

    Pure Sal-A is crystalline in form at RT.

    Ratio of Sal-A to other matter in Avg leaf is something like 125:1 So the max purity comes oput to be at about 125x.

    If he did smoke 122x I'm not sure why didnt just advertize it as pure (Or almost) Sal-A instead of 120x. Still.
    Bamm Bamm

    Bamm Bamm Well-Known Member

    probably wasn't 120x it was probably a cool advertising ply=) But hey I didn't pay for it my buddy did=)

    euthanatos93420 Well-Known Member

    Well after doing a little research, 120x is about as close to pure Salvia as a GOOD kitchen Chemist can do. It's the cream of the crop though. It's what's extracted with the first COLD acetone wash in the extraction process. The quantity of which is further reduced by ISO wash. This is the purest product. Everything else extracted from the same batch of leaves will be much less pure.

    '120x' is at the least, if not complete bullshit, a misrepresentation of the product. Moreover, if one possessed such a pure product, one is ridiculously idiotic to use it. The reason being that dosing is inaccurate at best. The purpose in using such a high potency is not to get 'higher' but to trip with less smoke inhalation. The following procedure (In short, use google to find more reference on this procedure), shows a means of using near pure Sal-A in a manner effective in achieving a near smokeless product with a fair and practical margin of accuracy.

    Dissovle near pure Sal-A to maximum solubility in room temperature acetone. Use syringe to put drops onto a piece of CORN FIBER (MAIZE) cigarette paper (Can absorb more than regular cigarette papers). Let the paper dry, repeat till desired potency is achieved. If one should choose to pursue this endeavor, one should be much more familiar with the process than I have detailed here and should do INDEPENDANT RESEARCH.
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    thegigglepimp Well-Known Member

    Euthanatos: Great research mate +rep I cant even begin to imagine how youd go about smoking pure salv A other than the cigarette paper method mentioned. It would have to be one tiny crumb in a pipe...

    intensive Well-Known Member

    damn, i just realized that i must have a hard head, or at least for salvia and other pyscho's like shrooms. when i smoked mine,i started laughin real hard and couldnt move, couldnt really make since outa everything, got real itchy and hot. but def. didnt change my perception of anything around me, just kinda slowed me down.

    it takes 2-3 grams of shrooms for me to even see spinning tribal neon's floating on the walls

    i knew i musta been immune or somthing, it didnt seem as great as everybody elses expirences

    cream8 Well-Known Member

    take one hit in a bong and hold it in as long as you can. have a friend load the bong and fill up the chamber with smoke while you hold your breath. exhale then immdiatly clear the chamber in the waiting bong and hold that in...then .......blast into the volid of space time
    Weed Guy

    Weed Guy Master Roller

    Mushroom Mesiah

    Mushroom Mesiah Active Member

    Thats a nice description of a good Salvia trip.

    biscobeam420 Member

    I just had my first real experience on '120x' and felt like I was the ear on a giant made out of humans? as well as feeling like i was part of the room and the doorknob was connected to my side! ha all the while I was babbling about a beautiful statue (I definitely caught a glimpse of some sort of beautiful realm) Felt out of body. When i finally started to come too I was really confused and forgot aspects of reality. crazy shit!

    dethyl Member

    Dude I've only done 20x and then 80x before this but i took one hit out of my mini bong and i had an out of body experience. It was fucking insane man. And apparently i was falling everywhere and i got kinda cut up from the ground. I probably will do it again. Just not anytime soon haha. You need the occasional mindfuck:hump: You know?

    dethyl Member

    I felt the exact same! Did everything around you appear in spirals? And it's like when you would hit one thing you would become a part of it. but you would have to tear away. It just really trips me out cause i never thought I could perceive reality with eyes open and it be that way.
    It's amazing what the brain can do.

    dethyl Member

    Hell yeah dude I know what you mean. I tripped out the hardest from bongs dude.bongsmilie

    PlantManBee Well-Known Member

    I did the "red" extract once...no mas lol. i did it alone, toooooooo much lol. i read the instruction afterwards ha ha ha. i did a bong full, i mean FULL bowl. i remember taking the hit and my vision starting rotate, then i thought "not again!" (which is strange as i'd never done it before)...there were disembodied voices that seemed concerned. then i was inside the earth with all it's tearing geologic processes, lava, CRUSHING rocks... yeah, like Bamm Bamm ha ha ha. i was spat out at the bottom of the hill by my house...i came to laying on the ground covered in sweat.

    anybody wants what i have left, let me know ha ha ha
    sven deisel

    sven deisel Well-Known Member

    thats strange how sometimes it makes you sweat and sometimes it dont. everytime i do it it comes on like gravity is pulling my soul out of me then it goes from there i like it with the tv on i find most disturbing. i like when i merge with my sourndings and you have to pull yourself back into now. try it when your tripping its realy wild then. it dont take alot tho first time i did i thought no sence being a pussy and packed a whole bowl and hit it with a torch and it just knocked me out it freaked my woman out. not something for every day tho i have had the same gram sence xmas

    mastakush Member

    It just means u need less! its not stronger, jus a smaller dose required, and easy to overdose ha i have extracted from X60 and will be like X500 or sumthing now :/

    jester1989 Member

    Salvia is a great legal drug, you turn retarded well your on it though. haha i drooled on myself and was tripping balls off of 20x.
  19. Got you thinking didn't it. Hehe. What if something in your HEAD isn't right...? Scarier than something in the world not being right if you really think about it. Because maybe, the "world" is in your head.

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