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hollywood og(kush) vs master kush?

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by everytimeicath, Aug 21, 2008.


    everytimeicath Active Member

    whats everyone opinions? i hear master kush gets you fuckeddd up and so does og, but og you can actually function and do shit like go to work. i can get a quarter of each and im wondrein which one i should get. oh my other choice is purple urkle but purps arent m favorite considering they make me passouttt

    Robert520 Well-Known Member

    hows about you get a quarter of both then and experiment.

    KushKing949 New Member

    masterkush will have more of a woodsy taste and smell mixed in with that kush smell and flavor and OG kush will taste a lil sweeter and be lighter in color as opsed to master kush being a lil darker green. as far as the high goes master kush is probably more on the indica side then OG kush so thats y OG kush you can still get up and do stuff cuz its a sativa/indica mix. hope that helps :peace:

    everytimeicath Active Member

    thanks homies i ended up jus gettin an 8th of master, shits deff called master for a reason...

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