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Holding in a toke...does it get you higher?

Discussion in 'Medicating' started by rathacker, Jun 30, 2011.


    rathacker Active Member

    I've been told and read that THC gets absorbed through your lungs within 3-5 seconds, now I'm not saying I dont believe this, but every time i hold in a toke for longer it gets me higher

    Do you think holding in a toke for longer than 3 seconds or holding it in for something like 30 seconds will be more effective or get you higher?

    angryblackman Well-Known Member

    You should get lightheaded when normally holding your breath for long periods of time so I would say yes but I don't think that it's the THC that's necessarily doing it. ;)

    NoGutsGrower Well-Known Member

    I like to take smaller hits so I don't waste as much. the blood moving through your lungs only take in oxygen for so long after breathing in, that is why it is a waste to hold it for too long and people say thc is absorbed in a few seconds. I'm sure we've all seen some one get high by blowing it into someone else's face (even after holding the hit for a while) And I know a lot of people get their pets high by blowing the smoke in their nose. That proves there is still good stuff in that smoke! so If you are taking monster rips and blowing out clouds of smoke it is a big waste! Just like holding you breath for over about 10 seconds.

    Harrekin Well-Known Member

    Im pretty sure by holding it in, you first of all dialate your airways giving more surface area for absorbing it...also your heartbeat accelerates which physically gets the chemicals to and across the blood brain barrier faster.

    I hate seeing people inhale and exhale immediately, nothing better than taking a big rip, sitting back in the chair with your eyes closed, music on, and holding it till you feel the "tingle" in your throat/lungs go away. Big exhale...then BANG! Highness!

    EDIT: It may take 3-5 seconds for THC to cross from the smoke into the alveoli, but that doesnt mean ALL the THC is absorbed within 3-5 seconds. If you hold it for 10-15 seconds and exhale, theres basically no smoke left, its like exhaling from a vapouriser.

    NoGutsGrower Well-Known Member

    I've seen people blow out huge clouds from vapes! I let my buddy use my hash vape. he took the fattest rip and blew it out right away! didn't even hold it for a second! I was sooooo MAD! I still haven't let him use it again! I would have let him keep ripping it but he decided to take about 5 rips at once and blow 4 of them out!
    Dizzle Frost

    Dizzle Frost Well-Known Member

    first post is correct i belive...5 seconds will absorb as much THC as you can..the rest is just a lung workout lol

    ^NoR*[email protected] Well-Known Member

    i use a method wher after i take a fatty rip hold for 3-5 then let out about half then inhale, and out again. i do a little less then half mabe three times per rip. try it out lemme know how that works for ya, ive always jus done it made since to me, so i cant tell if thers a difference

    MixedMelodyMindBender Active Member

    I tend to do the same. I take a huge bong rip and hold for 5-7 seconds then breath out about half then inhale again. Then I blow out the rest of the smoke. Just a preference. I am aware that it takes no more than 7-10 seconds for maximum thc absorption in the human body :) but still like that good lung squeeze!

    Peace and Stay Green

    NoGutsGrower Well-Known Member

    Doing breathing exercises will actually help you get higher by clearing out stale air!
    This is copied from another website!

    Breathing exercises, such as "Pranayam", keep you healthy by various means. In normal course we do what may be called "shallow" breathing. The lungs are neither fully expanded nor contracted. Therefore the air flow in the lungs is restricted. Breathing exercises generally increase the volume of air flow providing more oxygen and removing carbon dioxide more efficiently.

    In many breathing exercises you are told to hold your breath for some time. Depending upon the exercise you may be required to hold your breath either after inhaling, or after exhaling.

    How does holding the breath help?

    It is not possible to empty the lungs entirely; some amount of air will be there even after exhaling "fully". Normally there are some small pockets inside the lungs in which air tends to remain stagnant. Air inside those pockets does not join the main flow of air. It gets depleted in oxygen and fresh supply does not reach there. Blood coming in contact with air in those pockets does not get fresh oxygen and carbon dioxide is not removed from that part of blood.

    When you inhale air and hold your breath in that position, the air drawn inside the lungs gets more chance of mixing with stale air in those pockets. As more time is made available for air mixing, stagnant stale air is removed and supply of fresh air goes inside those pockets. Similar action takes place when you exhale air out and hold your breath. There is reduced pressure inside the lungs which draws out the stale air. The overall effect of these actions is that entire surface of alveoli, or air sacs inside the lungs gets larger amount of fresh air.

    In "Pranayam" as you continue regular practice you are expected to increase the duration of holding the breath as well as number of times you do the exercise. You should increase both, not one at the cost of the other.

    Holding the breath also helps you to concentrate better. In many breathing exercises, I will again take example of "Pranayam", you are required to concentrate on breathing and visualize the flow of air. For example as you inhale, you may be asked to visualize that you are drawing in life-force or "Prana" along with fresh oxygen. While holding the breath you may be directed to visualize that "Prana" is getting absorbed in greater quantity. When you exhale you throw out toxins as well as bad thoughts and at the same time "Prana" gets distributed in the body. Visualization has remarkable influence on the effectiveness of breathing exercises.

    When you are holding your breath it is difficult to think of anything except your breathing. To that extent it helps you in directing your concentration towards yourself.

    The diaphragm, like any other body muscle also needs exercise. Breathing deeply and holding your breath provide exercise for the diaphragm.

    I would strongly recommend that any breathing exercise, particularly "Pranayam", should be done under the guidance of trained persons only.

    Any exercise will work better for you when you know how the exercise is helping you. Next time when you do breathing or any exercise, just be conscious of what is happening in your body and you will get better results for the same effort.

    Harrekin Well-Known Member

    Yeah but its clearly not the same as the cloud you could blow out after taking a bong rip and not holding it...ok forget the vape reference...if you take a hit off a blunt/joint and hold it for 3 seconds and exhale, notice the amount of smoke...take another hit and hold it for 12 seconds and exhale, you wont have the same volume of smoke meaning more "ended up" being absorbed.
    GermiNATE B

    GermiNATE B Active Member

    I smoke the same method.. kinda makes sense to me, relieving pressure on the lungs, but not giving up the whole hit..

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