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HighGrow Legal Marijuana Growing Game PC

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by kalredkrypto, Apr 2, 2008.


    kalredkrypto Active Member

    Hey I stumbled across this last night I don't know if anything about it was ever posted but it seems cool! I downloaded it last night and started my first growth of blueberry.. seems like it works very realistic it follows your computer timing and days so everything is like natural except it's a PC game haha, i guess i'll know if my blueberry is successfully in 2 months lol..
    check it out, there's pics too and the DL link is at the bottom.

    PS: it's freeware.
    HighGrow Legal Marijuana Growing Game PC

    420inmyapt Well-Known Member

    HA sweet...

    buster7467 Well-Known Member

    i had that on my computer a few months ago. It is about like watchin paint dry. I did not think it was much fun. But it is kinda cool that you get to pick the strains and pot sizes and stuff.

    mstrymxer Well-Known Member

    yeah i downloaded it and it was so slow of a game that i just deleted it

    AphexTwin Well-Known Member

    If you forward the time on your PC it makes the game go quicker, it's pretty much the same as real time.
    Mr. Marge

    Mr. Marge Active Member

    This game is actually quite real. It's not really even a game I'd say, but a close representation of what your plants go through during the cycle. The only real problem I have is that you don't get to look at your plants close up. But the watering, fertilizing, light height and such is cool to go through if you have the time. I always start the grow when I start my real grow.

    It's going to be a bit longer than two months for ya, but if you battle it out. You'll come out with some decent knowledge on the plants.

    Not too mention that it is very informative to growing in peticular. There are hoards of info within the game covering the proper care of the plants throughout the cycle.

    yotone Well-Known Member

    i regret playing it only because the end result will be 3 dead real plants in my closet.
    yes, im that stupid.

    420inmyapt Well-Known Member

    LOL :joint: :hump:

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