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Highest Yielding Auto Flower

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by iwannatalktosamson, Jul 24, 2012.


    msangie Member

    ty for the response! what kind of soil would you recommend? fox farm happy jack? I have so many ?'s and just want to do it right...lol

    Trousers Well-Known Member

    Some say 24/0 some say 20/4 some say 18/6.
    They rely on light and not on dark for flowering.

    If a breeder says 20/4 (which is very common) I would go with that.
    I have had great success going with 18/6.

    Rizzo00 Active Member

    I think he meant what power his light should be on when plants are sprouts???? I would definitely drop it from 1000. Not sure what your low setting would be but maybe the lowest setting for first week. Then study your plants. If they dont look stressed turn that bad bitch up a bit.

    Rizzo00 Active Member

    Whoops I hit post on accident! Haha. Anyways. Turn it up as you see fit and check every so often when light is on for heat stress. Im sure you will be fine tho. Good luck

    Rizzo00 Active Member

    Oh.... Im sure you know this already but you dont need light until they break the surface. Might dry it up before it can start to root. Damn i have gone off on a tangent!!

    msangie Member

    THANK YOU Both! Any info would be great. BTW, I didn't know that...My very first grow. It gets confusing researching online so many ppl say so many things. I was thinking that I would turn the light to 50 percent. Of course, not sure how close the light should be. I hope I don't overwhelm you with all my questions and I appreciate it very much. I was thinking I should go with Fox Farm Happy Frog potting soil. I've never germinated either. I've read that auto seeds only need to be potted once, so i'm using 3 gal pots. Is a damp paper towel the easiest way to germinate? Will I have to add anything to the potting soil besides water the first two or three weeks? I ordered my ph kit today. I debated between the kit or a digital meter and went with the kit. Seriously, any help would be greatly appreciated. I cannot afford to buy anymore junk weed off the street.....

    Taviddude Well-Known Member

    Think Different from Dutch Passion.
    2 grows in my signature.

    scone919 Active Member

    so you mean to tell me that you can get 15 oz per plant indoor I cant believe it unless i see that They say 1.5 to 2 is alot off of autos

    70sdiver Active Member

    i generally yield between 3-5-4 oz a plant.byt ive seen a lot bigger pants in autos

    OGEvilgenius Well-Known Member

    TD is not very good if you are used to good quality weed. 1/30 might be a "good" plant.
    bob Sanchez

    bob Sanchez Active Member

    I got 3 oz out La Diva... I'm currently growing Northern lights X Big bud auto

    poind3xter Member

    You must have had bad luck and received subpar phenos. The 4 TD's that SWIM has grown have all been excellent producers (3-5 zips) as well as above average smoke. SWIM would say that it's a body stone with a social head high.

    Taviddude Well-Known Member

    Properly grown Think Different is some POTENT, Tasty, Bomb Smelling, High Yielding Bud.
    TD is basically an awesome AK-47 auto.

    OGMan Well-Known Member

    I've tried them ALL and Iranian auto is the biggest and best by a country mile
    bob the tea pot

    bob the tea pot Member

    i think this a new strain and been reports of 3lb yeilds from it can grow 7ft tall
    KC Brains KC45 Autoflowering


    rippingchrist Member

    What? The original lowryders put out SCHWAG. Nothing worth growing. Why ignore the past 5 years of seed development?

    OGMan Well-Known Member

    I've grown many,many autos and none comes close to Iranian in yield and potency. It's true that Iranian autos stay in veg under 24 hour light so you can clone them but flowers outdoors even as the days get longer, so in my book it's an auto and the yeild is better than any other auto I've grown, which were crap smoke and low yield

    OGMan Well-Known Member

    Well now I understand all your hostility and outright lies about Dr. Greenthumb...you're selling and now SPAMMING your own seeds!!! You are, were and always will be a lying punk in need of psychiatric help.
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    OGMan Well-Known Member

    Back on topic, "Think Different" is a good heavy indoor auto. Potency was a little disappointing though and I'm not sure if it was flowered under 12-12 or 24 hour light.
    For sure I have seen 1 pound plants of Iranian Autoflower done in DWC under 12-12 with lots of light and the potency is excellent

    daalma Active Member

    you harvest iaf in stages your yield will go way up. harvest top then center leaving bottom branches . in two weeks you will be very happy with what them bottom buds will develope . the only way to harvest iaf outdoors. 40 inch plant = 5 oz easy. everybody bitches its not a true auto. under any outdoor natural light it certainly is. this strain flowers in summer solstoce.

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