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High Times Jorge Cervantes Ultimate Grow guide (fast download)

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by fizzx, Nov 6, 2008.


    fizzx Well-Known Member

    Dont know if anyone has posted this but I just came across it thought u guys would enjoy:peace:

    Jorge Cervantes is to marijuana cultivation what Martha Stewart is to home decorating. In the last thirty years, Cervantes' fascination with cannabis has led him around the world, discovering wisdom about the medicinal plant for five books, a monthly column for High Times magazine, and dozens of DVDs. His 1983 publication, Indoor Marijuana Cultivation, is now in its fifth edition, and his Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower’s Bible sold 50,000 copies last year and was recently translated into Dutch, French, and German.

    Much of Cervantes’ acquired wisdom appears in Ultimate Grow DVD, which is a beginner’s guide to starting a successful marijuana ‘grow room’. Chapters in the DVD include: Growroom Construction, Air and Circulation, Lights Lamps and Electricity, Cloning, flowering, harvest, and hash making. Looking a little bit like an Hispanic Frank Zappa with dreadlocks, Cervantes starts off with the basic structure of an 8’ x 8’ room. Taking a best practices approach, Cervantes shows you how to create conditions that enhance growth to choosing an air exhaust fan for maximum effect. Cervantes makes the process look extremely easy, although he’s very meticulous about equipment and the atmosphere the plants need to grow in.

    Perhaps this is a bit of stereotyping, but it seemed like the patience and effort involved in growing weed are not characteristic of the typical cannabis enthusiast. Considering the loving attention Cervantes shows the crop he develops for the DVD, this is not a hobby for the weak-willed. Many people would find it easier to cultivate contacts in the retail end of the business rather than start from scratch. However, the tips Cervantes offers in Ultimate Grow will pay large dividends for those really interested in making their own marijuana gardens.

    For the most part, Ultimate Grow concentrates on Professors Cervantes’ College of Horticulture, as it should. Unfortunately, the film is marred somewhat by some lame routines by Canadian phenomenon The Trailer Park Boys, and dialogue by marijuana entrepreneur “Chiara”, complete with rubber clown mask, is muffled. But these things don’t matter. The real star here is Cervantes, whose quiet confidence in everything marijuana will have you seriously thinking about starting your own drug cartel. Cervantes uses his charming presence to good effect, invoking humor into what could be a moribund treatise on horticulture.

    Whether you’re a curious bystander, an amateur enthusiast, or looking to become a serious professional, Jorge Cervantes’ Ultimate Grow DVD offers fresh perspectives on the art and enjoyment of growing pot. While I doubt Cervantes will ever become a household name like Martha Stewart, certainly some pretty cool households will be grateful for his assistance. Ultimate Grow is an unexpected treat among thousands of dull home improvement videos.






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    dehtop Active Member

    I have Jorge's "Bible", and as a newbie to growing I found it to be everything I heard about it. A must for anyone who wants to grow quality bud. Anything I can get my hands on from Cervantes, I will. Happy growing.

    MrFishy Well-Known Member

    Yonder comes the "ethics" committee, and they're not happy!

    One of these daze I'm gonna get hi-speed/DSL/etc. then I'll debate this issue with myself as I'm dl'ing the dang thing.

    fizzx Well-Known Member

    Yeah the videos pretty funny in some parts too and all the "cervantes" highlighted in red on the first post is because I found it on another forum while searching for his name lol

    rlourens Active Member


    Does anyone have a good digital copy of this book. The one I have seems to have about 200 pages missing.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    riddleme Well-Known Member


    rlourens Active Member


    Growop101 Well-Known Member

    wtf why dont the link work mengg??

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