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High humidity

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by beginner420, Aug 29, 2013.


    beginner420 Active Member

    I'm in the 10th week of flowering and when my lights are on at night the humidity stayed at 30-40% but when their off during the day and I go in to turn them back on it gets upto 60% is there any way to lower humidity without a dehumidifier? It's a small closet, an ideas or tips would be great
    a mongo frog

    a mongo frog Well-Known Member

    Pretty sure your experiencing a good thing during the night cycle. Plants r doing their thing and releasing there goods. I'll bet your plants look great. But if u don't have enough air movement in there then u could experience problems. So to answer your question yes get more fans moving air.

    beginner420 Active Member

    Alright thanks ill get another fan in there, I have 5 plants and 4 of them do look really nice but a little small since I only have like 370 watts of cfl going, but its my first grow and I've learned a lot so I'm enjoying it

    I2icho Active Member

    Hey man as long as you got good ventilation you will be fine. If the humidity was 90% all the timw the you would have problems. Last season I had some outdoors growing and we had about 3 weeks (at week 6) of 80-100 percent humidity all the time. But had no dramas with mold or anything like that.
    Good luck

    whitnasty1 Member

    Yeah as long as you have good airflow around them you won't have any problems at 60% humidity, I battled much worse humidity than that this year, seems like it's rained almost every day here. Never had a problem even with a 75% RH

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