hi .. new to this ... got a problen mabye u can help

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    basteron Member

    i have 2 60w cfl lights, and use bio grow + bloom, good air circulation
    at first i didnt had much light, so grow slowly, but in the past month i added lights so it was ok
    my problem is purple stems ... as u can see from the pics ... and the plant is starting to yellowing, bigger leaf first,
    its a little cold here, but i grow indoor in a closet .. about 18-20 c degree outside so inside warmer ...
    i started from seed, idk which but it was from a high quality bud
    * she is about 10 weeks old ... started bio grow + bloom just about a week ago ....

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    cheechako Well-Known Member

    You added lights and now you have 2? How many did you start out with? And 60W? Are you sure or are they really 13W?. So, you still don't have much light.

    I could convert 20C if I felt like it, but I would still have no idea what "inside warmer" meant.

    What medium, pH, etc., etc.?

    basteron Member

    I had one 25w white light for about 6 weeks from start ... Then I realize that it's not enough so I set two 60w each .. That gives about 150 w each as I been told

    I mean in inside warm as if outside my house its 20 c degree so inside is always a bit warmer ..

    I grow on soil .. Good one I bought ...

    Slipon Well-Known Member

    18-20C is a bit low (perfect night temps tho) you want 24-28C doing lights on and not over 30C

    purple steams is quite normal in many stains, but I admit based on your pics it could look like its hungry, hungry for Nitrogen, either Bc. you don't feed it enough and it have used up the stored Nuts in the soil (do a repot maybe) or Bc. your PH is off and lock out the nitrogen (a lot of cheap soils hold a lot of peetmoss and is to acid with a PH around 5-6 your looking for 6-7) add some Dolomite Lime, Nitrogen will be locked out with a PH under 6

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    or ... it need Mg (Mg= Magnesium) get some Epsom Salt (English salt) it is Magnesium sulfate and will provide the plants with Mg and sulfate, both important for the plants to be able to take up the Nitrogen, that and Ca (Ca = Calcium) the Dolomite Lime also provide that apart from buffering your PH

    you can also buy a product called Ca/Mg on a bottle, most nute lines have em, and add it with your nutrients

    but you have to find out what it need/is wrong, my best bet is some Epsom salt and Lime will do a lot for your soil/plant
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    cheechako Well-Known Member

    I haven't seen a 60W CFL. I have a 68W, but I primarily use 23 and 26W bulbs. 60W is a common "equivalent", but you must ignore those numbers and look at the true wattage. If you really have close to 150W of CFL, that is nice - depending on the color temp of the bulbs. Right now, you need 6500K.

    And "warm" is an opinion. A thermometer is cheap and gives you a temperature. You should have it somewhere near the main (eventual) bud growth on your plants.

    You should look through some of the grow videos and stickies in Newbie Central and elsewhere. Sure, a lot applies to larger grow rooms and whatnot - but you'll learn a lot about the basics too.
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    urgod Active Member

    too much stretching, need closer/better lighting. You also may need to check your pH, or your nutrient schedule. Either your not feeding enough, or it got a lockout

    basteron Member

    Tnx all .. Just added nuts 2 days ago and tonight mixed about half ts with english salt - mag and watered her .. Hope to see good results ..

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