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Hey guys im moving to colorado to grow in 3 months NEEED HELP!!!!!

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by boonkafatblunt, Jan 21, 2010.


    boonkafatblunt Active Member

    Ok so let me start off by saying I live in Florida and here for growing you will go to prison and get beat up and raped and left in the corner of the room for the gaurd to find you the next morning. I don't want that in life and I don't want to break the law. I want to have a family when i'm older and a good job. So me and my best friend have decided to move out to colorado in may because it's just not worth the risk and alot of my friends around here are IDIOTS! Ne ways now that I said that. I plan to get my medical car once im out there for chronic pain from my motorcycle wreck so I should be fine with all that. But we are looking to get a rental house?? Is that a good IDea a rental house in a neighbor hood on a nice size lawn... Also im looking to build a exo skelaton structure inside of a room to grow in and then put mylar up all around it and a smoke detector and etc.. Im going to plan on building a 10x10 room to do it in and I could always make extra room if needed for like the veggie room. Now for a 10x10 would 1 600 watt bulb be enough? Or should I just go all out and get 2 600's? I also need to know what is the best way for me to exhuast every thing.. And what kind of carbon filter should I get. I will plan on having 2 or 3 fans on one side of the room to help move all the air out. Should I have fresh air being pumped in? Or is that a bad IDea? I have about 2 grand to play with so im not afraid to spend money. And would it be wise for us to stick with low ryder for first LEGAL grow op?

    boonkafatblunt Active Member

    Also would it be best for me to just buy a tent set up and use that in the room? Im looking to use the biggest room in house for the set up. In some legal states you can do a co-op where 2 medical users can combine there garden. So if we can legally have 10 plants each im looking to get the msot I can out of those 15 to 20 plants.. Please any info will help I want a high tech fire safe set up that will do no damage to the room.

    boonkafatblunt Active Member

    Also living in colorado it can get very cold!!! WOULD I have to worry about my LEGAL garden in the winter times if it is indoors?????

    mrmadcow Well-Known Member

    looks like you have a few month to do alot of reading.you start out giving the impression you want to do a commercial setup to rake in cash fast.-if so,it wont happen. even by reading everything,some things take 1st hand experiance.
    your later posts sounds more like you want a small grow for personal use & if thats the case,have at it.a walk in closet(or tent) w/ a 600 would be a good setup to get started.
    here is a good place to start

    digitalliquid Active Member

    you realize that growing weed as a medical patient and selling it is very illegal right? idk if your planning on going to col. and growing a bunch and selling it but they will be all over your ass as much as if you were growing.

    growman09 Active Member

    dude cali is where you want to go right now i live in colorado and we got a senater trying to screw everything up

    boonkafatblunt Active Member

    I have been reading alot but just dont know what would be the best way to go and all the equipment I would need etc.. but Im deff not in it for the money what so ever! You see where I live growers and sellers flick all the buds and take all the trichomes for there self.. Then some people even spray buds to make them smell better or taste better or even smoke better... One reason why I quit. I got some not to long ago and I just knew it was sprayed. cAnt take it any more and plus its illegal so im moving to Colorado to do it legally

    boonkafatblunt Active Member

    But if I were to go to cali I would be scared of some one trying to rob me because that scene in cali is so big and full of people who would love to rob ya. And alot of rental homes are abused from previous growers who didn't care
    Lucius Vorenus

    Lucius Vorenus Well-Known Member

    Paragraphs bro....PARAGRAPHS!!!

    Ya as for Denver. That party is almost over it would appear. Sadly. =(

    To answer your question on fans. Get 2 Can 75 with Can brand fans and call it a day. More than enough for up to 100 plants and a 20x20 room.

    myxedup Active Member

    If your just looking for personal smoke, a 10x10 is a bit on the ridiculous end. Go ahead and plan on renting a place and make an exoskeleton in a room measuring about 4x5 and polyfilm it.

    Make a DIY aeroponics setup supercheap and use either a 600w or a dimmable 1k watt for it. For that small of a space, you can pickup a filter and a fan pretty cheap and just use passive intake.

    The winter issues don't really exist unless your in a garage or something like that.

    You should really figure out where in Colorado your going and then do a craigslist search of that area using "mmj" as your search.

    If you want, hit me up with a pm.

    Bigol'Bong Well-Known Member

    as far as this looks if its ur first grow id say maybe try things out smaller first, and since u have over 3 months till ur growing id suggest u spend those 3 months reading up on the grow faqs and other posts. 600w is very small for a 10x10, id say get 2 1000's or more, more light= more bud from ur plant=more money without having to grow more plants. Look into cropping topping and fimming as ur more then likely going to be wanting these plants to be bushy with lots of heads rather then tall with 1 khola

    pastafarian81 Well-Known Member

    that's a very east coast mindset. Cali isn't that bad. keep your shit secret and you have no worries.

    or buy a BFD, (Big Fucking Dog), just hope it doesnt like ganja. my lab ate a cali hash plant clone 2 weeks ago.
    Ole Budheavy

    Ole Budheavy Well-Known Member

    Actually, you're not entirely right. At least in Cali the Supreme Court just ruled medical patients aren't restricted to any set number of plants. With that, many growers aren't just people going for the "gold" per say, sometimes its extra herb they're getting rid of. And every patient can transport at least a half pound. Who says you can't sell it to a dispensary. :bigjoint:

    BudsworthII Member

    In Colorado it's six plants per patient. You can grow them or you can name someone your caregiver and they can grow them for you. For everyone that names you a caregiver, you can add 6 more plants. Only half of the amount of plants you are allowed can be in bloom at any given time.

    And care providers are selling their extra to dispensaries. It happens all the time. Asked two Denver cops last weekend about why if the law said that you can only have up to two smokable ounces on your person at any given time, how growers were generally selling QP's to dispensaries without getting in trouble.

    Their answer? "Because we don't care.". And then they laughed.

    Went on in detail that the Denver police just don't give a shit about the pot issue. They said their only issue was in fact concern about the ridiculous rise of violent robberies with the dispensaries. Said people are robbing them...and employees are getting hurt.

    And, no, the party isn't over. It's just getting started. ;-)

    FootClan Well-Known Member

    lol dude theres people ready to rob you anywhere you go weather its cali or colorado.....its not about the state its about the company you keep.....if you have scum around your place you will get robbed....ive lived in cali my whole life and i grow ive never been robbed....you think everyone just goes around robbing people or somting?? lol Really Northern cali is probably the BEST place you could grow in all 50 states DUHHH

    laughingduck Well-Known Member

    Boonkafatblunt: Colorado is an expensive state to live in. You will need about 6 months in survival funds, in addition to known growing setup costs. I am not trying to be a dick, but everything there costs three times as much as Florida. I just don't want you to go bust!
    newbie grow420

    newbie grow420 Active Member

    You might want to check your laws out there. There is medica but grow ops are different thing

    BudsworthII Member

    This could actually be a concern. While unemployment is not as high as the rest of the country, there is not a lot of hiring going on.

    And I wouldn't say it's expensive. It's not as expensive as LA...by a large margin. It's not as cheap as say KC though. I don't know about in comparison to Florida.

    If your only plan for money is to grow...well...think about it. You have to find a place to live that will be suitable for growing...set up you grow room...and then wait for months for your first crop. The six month number might allow you to just squeeze in a crop.

    And then you have to find a way to move it. You would need at least some sort of relationship with a dispensary for them to buy it from you. Of course...then again perhaps you wouldn't.

    But dude is right. You guys would need some good sized funds to be able to do all that if you weren't able to find work quickly.

    cowboylogic Well-Known Member

    I see nothing going wrong with this plan.

    growman09 Active Member

    its expensive anywhere anymore. I live here in co. shoot dispeneraries are gettin robbed left and right there was 30 before xmas so i wouldnt say its anymore dangerous then in Cali. and fromw what i understand you just take a sample with you to the disp. if they like it and want to buy it some will actually come to you and pick it up, but i also herd the disp. r pretty ridiculos about what they expect the smoke to be (especially when alot isnt that good of what they r selling)

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