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Hey dudes. new guy here

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by spliffyj, Apr 3, 2012.


    spliffyj Member

    Hey everyone, I am new here.. hope you are all well and can help me :)

    Lol the only thing I know how too do is, roll a spliff and smoke it.

    But I want to learn how to grow it, how and where do I start?

    thank you

    Also another question.. I walked past this house recently and it was absoloutley stinking of weed.. does it only smell like that when the plant has fully grown or can it even smell like that half way through?

    red0021 Active Member


    840/2 Active Member

    First, you're gonna get yelled at/flamed for asking before looking. Just to warn ya....

    This site has a plethora of useful and useLESS info. Check out the forums "Newbie Central" and read ALL the stickies....then read them again.

    Do this the first 3 sections and then ask some questions.

    Dont say I didn't warn ya! ;)

    Oh and yes, the plants can and will smell w/o a bud to be seen.....a/k/a yes they stink 1/2 way thru! Carbon filter, there ya go.....your first research project. Google "carbon filter weed" and you'll see TONS of things to read.

    Itoland Active Member

    ya dude, very broad question. ppl take classes on this shit and study for months before attempting a grown. or like me start it fuck up and look on here how to fix it :weed:

    Coho Well-Known Member

    Welcome! Read up on the stickies here.. Look at the problem forum and try and guess whats wrong. Read, read,read.. You WILL screw up at some point.:blsmoke:

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