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Hermaphrodite Marijuana Plant?????????????????????

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by K1Ng5p4d3, Nov 30, 2008.


    K1Ng5p4d3 Junior Creatologist

    Is this a hermie for sure?? im like 99% positive, but i need to hear it from an experienced motherfucker. It has preflowers n pistils everywhere, so i know itll have some nice buds on her/him, but there are little clusters that look like nuts on the fuckin innernodes on two of the branches. Can someone confirm this for me please???

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    SmokeyMcSmokester Well-Known Member

    looks like just a dude to me...I dont see any lil white hairs

    Kushcrosser Well-Known Member

    Yeah...like Smokey said...it looks like a male...no stigmas on the plant from what I see!

    SmokeyMcSmokester Well-Known Member

    you should keep em going and harvest the pollen..

    socalkushman Well-Known Member

    thats a for sure male... grow and sell... i had my female grow some pods but they flowered and fell off... that was only on 2 branches though...

    Boneman Well-Known Member

    Let it go for a lil bit more then post pics again

    K1Ng5p4d3 Junior Creatologist

    lol its not a male its a feminized seed - and your right there are no hairs on the branches im showing. Theres pistils all over the other branches, but there are two branches, that have no hairs, and they have baby pollen sacs. Ill be letting it pollenate itself probably in my top cab once i clear it out, so i can have myself some more feminized twilight seeds.

    -Feminized seeds cannot turn male. Its impossible to turn a female plant into a male plant. They can only turn hermie.

    But thank you for answering my question though guys, just confirmed what i was already pretty positive of. appreciate it :D

    atmt888 Well-Known Member

    Those definitely look like male parts to me and since it is a feminised seed there is a greater chance for plants to go hermie. I am currently working with my first batch of feminised seeds but out of uncounted numbers of regular plants grown I have seen maybe a couple dozen hermies. Hermaphroditic traits, at least in my experience, usually show later in the flowering cycle. I have mistaken plants to be hermie early in the cycle only to be proven wrong a few days later. You will be able to tell for sure in a few days if those little balls don't end up sprouting the little hairs like the rest of your plant and instead grow a tiny stem and keep clustering. At this point you will have three options; castrate the offending male parts and keep a super close eye for pollen sacs growing amongst the buds (these are MUCH harder to catch in time and sometimes completely hidden under bud), cut the entire plant down, or make peace with your entire crop being peppered with seeds. It will be IMPOSSIBLE to let this plant mature alongside the others with no action taken and expect to not have pollen contamination showing on all plants. This is assuming that the male parts of the plant aren't sterile which I have read (not witnessed or tested) is sometimes the case with feminised seeds that go hermie.

    K1Ng5p4d3 Junior Creatologist

    Thanks for the advice man, but shes definitely a hermie. I think im just gonna hook a buddy of mine up with the plant, only because its stupid to chop down a plant thats gonna have buds. Some seeds normally wouldntbother me too too much, except for the fact that im growin 8 more plants that would also have seeds, n i want danky seedless nugs. So its too big to go up into my top cab to finish up, so im givin shim away. No big deal, i replaced her already with a week old Red Diesel plant that i started in a 20 oz cup. I transplanted her into a 3gallon growbag today, and am now vegging her for 3 more weeks n then off to flower she goes. Im still vegging my WWs for another week too. theyre pretty small right now, n im waitin for the branches to shoot out, so it looks like its ready to stretch a foot or two during the first two weeks of flower. Im good still, i got options, lol. Red Diesel will make a beautiful replacement for the only hermie in the bunch. AND, some more good news, the Twilight plant that went herm on me WASNT the one with purple phenos. That one is still kickin it in the growroom, gettin some shade right now. Every single branch has a deep purple pinstripe all the way from the leaf to the main stem. Beautiful lookin colors, althought shes an akward lookin plant in general, lol only having two GIANT main branches, and a bunch of short under developed branches. Either way i should get at LEAST an oz off of that one, plus all the other indies i got, PLUS the WWs and the Diesel, i think ill still get a respectable yield off of 8 plants for sure. PLUs i still have a Power Skunk kickin it in a 20 oz cup for shits n giggles too. I guess it pays to plant extra plants, just in case somethin happens :D

    T813308004 Well-Known Member

    Well like you heard before those are balls, so I'll take your word that there are pistils somewhere else and if that's the case you have yourself a hermie.

    Budda_Luva Well-Known Member

    ewwwww k1ng gots a hermie hahah

    stonerk Member

    If the pollen sacks are half way down the plant and it does not produce a side shoot it will only pollinate the bottom half of the plant. And yes in the plant in the pics has balls.

    spooky1581 Member

    what if you have a plant that is clearly a female but 4 weeks into flowering i see pollen sacks develop at the base of upper brances. It has pistols and its budding but i count 2-4 sacks. what do i do?

    Pow3rBaLL Member

    its prolly too late for this advice, but when i ran into this problem, i just pulled all the pollen sacks, they never came back.

    Rkingman Member

    no signs of female attributes in these pics

    MrGhettoGrower Well-Known Member

    If its a hermie you didn't take any pic's of the female parts~

    Fishy:) Member

    I dont think this plant exist anymore, its 3 years ago lol

    matthebrute New Member

    just saying hermie plants tend to pass the trait down to thier offspring so you wont have a bunch of feminized seeds you will have a bunch of herminized seeds

    leep82 New Member

    Please help is this plant a hermie or whats in the circle? Is it because ive pulled leaves off? 2013-07-10 19.29.06.jpg

    wiggggy Member

    Yeah man thats a bloke, bet it drinks pints not halfs

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