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Here is a compiled list of Nutes/Fertilizers----Hope it helps

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by noxiously, Jan 19, 2011.


    noxiously Active Member

    Here is a little info (N-P-K %) on some different nutes/fertilizers. Which one is the best, what do you use, is there that big of a difference? Too many questions, not enough time. I know I left out some other nutes/fertilizers, so feel free to add any info you may have, (factual numbers that is). All numbers are found directly from the manufacturers web-sites.

    Here is my list so far:

    Miracle Grow

    Miracle Grow All Purpose: 24-8-16
    Miracle Grow Organic Choice All Purpose : 7-1-2
    Miracle Grow Nursery Select All Purpose : 20-20-20
    Miracle Grow Water Soluble Tomato Plant Food: 18-18-21
    Miracle Grow Shake-n-Feed Continuous Release Bloom Booster: 10-16-10
    Miracle Grow Water Soluble Bloom Booster: 15-30-15
    Miracle Grow Shake-n-Feed Continuous Release All Purpose: 10-10-10
    Miracle Grow Quick Start: 4-12-8
    Miracle Grow Liquid All Purpose: 12-4-8

    Dyna Gro
    Dyna-Gro Liquid Grow: 7-9-5
    Dyna-Gro Liquid Bloom: 3-12-6
    Dyna-Gro Foliage Pro: 9-3-6
    Dyna-Gro All Pro: 7-7-7
    Dyna-Gro Hi N Pro: 10-5-5

    Fox Farms

    Big Bloom liquid plant food: .01-.3-.7
    Grow Big: 6-4-4
    Grow Big Hydro: 3-2-6
    Tiger Bloom liquid: 2-8-4
    American Pride Time Release: 9-6-6
    American Pride Marine Cuisine Dry Mix: 10-7-7
    Peace of Mind All Purpose Organic: 5-5-5
    Peace of Mind Tomato & Veg Organic: 7-4-5
    Peace of Mind Fruit & Flower Organic: 5-8-4


    Technaflora Awesome Blossoms: 2-11-11
    B.C. Nutrients B.C. Boost: 3-2-0
    B.C. Bloom: 1-4-7
    B.C. Grow: 1-3-6
    B. Seaweed: 0-0-1
    Thrive Alive B-1 Green: 1-1-1 (has .01% iron)
    Thrive Alive B-1 Red: 1-1-1
    Pura-Vida: No NPK Data
    Root 66: 1-1-1


    Canna CoCo A&B: 4-4-3
    House & Garden CoCo A&B: 5.4-3.4-9.4
    Canadian Express CoCo A&B: Veg 4.6-0.6-3.6 Bloom 3.1-0.6-4.2

    Advanced Nutrients

    Sensi Bloom: 1-5-6
    Big Bud Liquid: 0-1-3
    Big Bud Powder: 1-17-38
    Bud Blood: 0-39-25
    Bud Ignitor: 0-1-2
    Grow Micro Bloom: Grow 1-0-4 Micro 2-0-0 Bloom 1-3-4
    Heavy Harvest: 25-12-12
    Organic Iguana Juice: Grow 3-1-3 Bloom 4-3-6
    Kushine Kush: 1-3-8
    Mother Earth Super Tea: Grow 4-1-4 Bloom 3-2-5
    Overdrive: 1-5-4
    Piranha Liquid Fungal Microbial Root Colonizer: Liquid 2% soil organisms **
    Sensi Bloom 2 Part: Part A 4-4-0 Part B 1-5-6
    SensiZym: .1-.4-.2
    Connoisseur: 4-4-0

    ** Not a fertilizer, but thought it could be beneficial

    O.k., so there is my list, feel free to add to it. It would be nice to have a HUGE list of 100's of different nutes/fertilizers with real data on them.
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    supaleeb Active Member

    I use MG All Purpose 24-8-16 for soil, with some Botanicare Sweet & Cal-Mag+. I've been using GH Flora Series with the LUCAS formula for my aeroponic systems. To each his own.

    redivider Well-Known Member

    i mean i kind of get it... but the NPK ratio is on the label so coming to this thread to check the NPK doesn't make sense..

    IXOYE Active Member

    I think the idea is to be able to know what brand you want based on the n-p-k before you head to the store or without having to do a bunch of comparisons online? I went with foxfarms. my first grow a few years ago I used some random job's fertilizer spike I can't even remember what the n-p-k ratio was. Now a few years later I have taken it seriously and chose foxfarm based on recommendations from gardeners after seeing how well my plants did just in upgrading them to the foxfarm soil "ocean forest." I run with the Big bloom, grow big and tiger bloom trio and all I can say is WOW. I haven't done clone comparisons of the differences but based on a half-assed grow years ago with the proper nutes now the foxfarm trio is worth every penny. I can't wait to use the foxfarm nutes on my veggie garden this summer!

    noxiously Active Member

    Yea, some people just blindly purchase certain nutes just because of the name, or just because they heard someone else talking about it. The purpose of this was to put more info out there on more than the usual fertilizers that people use. Having a wide selection to choose from is better than just going to the store and looking just for MG, FF, or Canna. Sure any idiot can go to a store and buy a product just because of the name. I'm sure there are a ton of other nutes out there that are a whole lot better than the typical "name brand" fertilizers. Research always pays off.

    Thedillestpickle Well-Known Member

    You sir are silly....

    This is a great thread!


    roidrage152 Active Member

    General Hydroponics:

    Flora Series:

    FloraMicro: 5-0-1
    FloraGro: 2-1-6
    FloraBloom: 0-5-4

    Flora Duo:

    A: 5-0-6
    B: 1-5-4


    Grow: 7-4-10
    Bloom: 4-8-7

    Maxi Series Dry Concentrate:

    MaxiGro: 10-5-14
    MaxiBloom: 5-15-14

    CaptainCarnival Active Member

    Cutting Edge Solutions:
    Micro: 6-0-0
    Grow: 2-1-6
    Plant Amp: calcium
    Uncle John's Blend: 0-0-2
    Mag Amped: mag
    Sugaree: 0-0-2

    Nectar For The Gods:
    Medusa Magic: 2-5-2
    Gaia Mania: 1-5-1
    Herculean Harvest: 0-10-0
    Aphrodite's Extraction: 0-1-0
    Athena's Aminas: 0.3-0-0
    Bloom Chaos: 0-0-0.5
    Demeter's Destiny: calcium
    Mega Morpheus: 0-2-0
    Hades Down: pH down
    Olympus Up: pH up
    Hygeia Hydration: Soil Wetting Agent
    Pegasus Potion: 1-2-0
    Poseidonzyme: 0-0-0.5

    bwest Well-Known Member

    Nice post. + rep

    noxiously Active Member

    Thanks, I actually forgot all about this thread lol. I think I'm going to do more research into what other nutes are available.

    Thedillestpickle Well-Known Member

    You want a list eh?


    Select "specialty fertilizers" and leave the boxes blank

    dragnit Well-Known Member

    Holland Secret. 3 Part formula

    Micro 5-0-2

    total nitrogen 5%
    4.5% nitrate nitrogen
    calcium 5%
    boron ,02%
    Iron .1 %
    MO 0006%

    Grow 2-1-7

    Nitrogen 2%
    Phosphate 1%
    soluble Potash 7%
    Sulfur 1%

    Bloom 0-6-4

    phosphate 6%
    soluble potash 4%
    Magnesium 1%
    Sulfur 1%

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