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Herbies Seeds Question

Discussion in 'Seedbank Reviews' started by hdfkdu, Jan 6, 2013.


    hdfkdu Member

    I have decided on ordering some autoflowering seeds from Herbies. I would like to have some reviews from people in the U.S. that have ordered from them before I order.


    Are they secure?

    What does it say on your bank statement?

    Do you have to sign for it when it arrives?

    How was the overall service?

    JimBobLehman Member

    I'm in the same boat as you. Hope we can get some answers soon.

    PersonalJesus Active Member

    Herbies is good... haven't heard of any major problem that they refused to correct.

    If you want freebies, and lots of them, check out Sea Of Seeds .com, and RIU members get a percentage off when they use the promo code "rollitup"
    If you want guarantees and selection and a good price... Go with Attitude. I think they're the best.

    doobiemizer Member

    Herbies is fine- read on the site it will tell you what is said on the billing - dont need to sign for their package unlike others - got mine to midwest usa 8-10 days

    istateyourname Member

    ive been a member for several months and have benefited from this forum. I have never posted anything and after recieving my seeds today from herbies i feel i must .i had a delivery problem and explained what happened.Herbie s resent the order which i recieved today . I had seeds from several companys humbolt ,royal queen,mandella, reserva privada all in original unique packaging not to mention free seeds. seeds were delivered in 11 days .herbie reshipped the order the 4th in the states on the 5th and stayed in new york until moved to next mail hub on the 12th.no signature required. I used bank gift cards to pay for my order .correspondence is very timely and professional .the seeds all lok very viable to me and will soon be germinating .there were no additional costs incurred by me and am very grateful for the service they provided at a loss im sure.highly recomended Jay

    hdfkdu Member

    Got my seeds on tuesday jan. 15 ordered them Sunday the 6th pretty fast shipping. Wasn't that discreet but customs must be fucking retarded. JimBob go ahead and order have nothing to worry about. Got my seeds to germinate and I am on my way with my first grow!

    bseeds Well-Known Member

    yes there secure, not sure went to wallmart got prepaid card for the amount of purchuse,no signing requierd ,very good the only place i order from

    hdfkdu Member

    Yes I agree bseeds. I will definitely order from herbies again

    zman33 Active Member

    what kind of card did you get? i just left there and they told me i would have to wait seven day to get a real card in the mail? i thought you could just load it up and order. as for these 3 banks on here everyone is speaking so highly of i have emailed all three of them and no answer from any of them!!!! i have checked my junk mail also !!! none have responded. all were sent sat and sun so they have had plenty of time to reply!!!!

    bundee1 Well-Known Member

    Herbies is secure fast and legit. I got some Ace of Spades from them. No signature

    zman33 Active Member

    herbies is the shit got mine in 4 business days, awesome!!!!!! east coast

    NuteGreenwitch Well-Known Member

    My first order with them after using Attitude for several years was phenomenal! Super quick and witty stealth! Great freebies, no signature required. A++

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