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Herbies picknmix free seeds Big Bud#2

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by smokejoint, Apr 16, 2012.


    smokejoint Active Member

    Anyone grown these ? They are giving them away like hotcakes at herbies ,you get 2x-reg with any priced order ,going up to 10 x reg if you spend over 100 bucks..so my thinking is someone must have the knowledge.

    They don't list a breeder either, i emailed them asking them and they said seedsman seeds..so i emailed seedsman seeds and they told me they just sell strains and are not breeders.In the reply email from herbies they told me to check out sensi seeds big bud description as it is almost identical..I don't know whether to belive them or not..

    anyway ,i managed to screw up the seeds i actually ordered somehow,to cold here i think..so i started germing the freebies ,which is 2 "big bud#2" reg seeds and a Dna "lemon skunk" fem, i planted the seeds directly in soil and kept them in the closet with my hps on to keep it warm and they are all sprouted and looking good.

    i would really like to know more about this big bud#2 strain though,i can't find shit on the internet about it.
    Bad Karma

    Bad Karma Well-Known Member

    I think that it's an F2 or F3 of the original Big Bud or the Doggies Nuts version, so it's nothing special, but still better then nothing.
    I have one vegging now, it's been having some odd growth issues, but regardless it keeps growing forward.
    Good luck.

    joshuaaa Member

    mine grew like crazy i got 1 fem and one male so kept them 2gether got about 200 seeds to last me a lifetime,
    had no problems other than the yeild wasnt that good as they were outdoors under a tree,
    smoke wasnt too bad either had to pull early as i had a house inspection,
    did you get the kandy kush?

    smokejoint Active Member

    mine are 4 days old and working on theyre 2nd node already,growing very well ,no its lemon skunk i got free as well ,keep us posted how our bb is turning out

    Lady.J Well-Known Member

    I just got some of Big Bud and Reserva Privada Sour Kush feminized free from Herbies...think I'm going to plant the kush, going to decide by tonight after reading some reviews...it is similar to OG Kush?
    Bad Karma

    Bad Karma Well-Known Member

    Sour Kush is a crossing of Sour Diesel and OG Kush.
    So it should have some of the OG qualities, yet be it's own beast.

    Lady.J Well-Known Member

    VERY nice!! Thanks for the info. I can't wait to grow it! Might try the big bud next time around...just hope that the seeds aren't male.

    sudodaemon Active Member

    Check out my grow journal, that's what I'm growing right now... 3 weeks into flower. I got these seeds a year ago... 2 for free when I bought 5 pineapple chunk seeds(none germinated).

    ronerone7 Member

    Yeah so is Headband, so how the hell can they get away with that??????


    So I cant underatand how someone can take the same 2 plants and cross them and come up with something completely different????? This hybrid craze has pretty much ruined the half the decent landrace strains astill avail and there aren't many and its ashame!!

    bundee1 Well-Known Member

    sour kush is what it says it is. Headband has 1 more plant thrown in their to make it real Headband. Im not sure what the missing element is.

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