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Herbies Pick And Mix Seed Bank Review

Discussion in 'Seedbank Reviews' started by redtoro, Jun 15, 2013.


    redtoro Member

    Herbies Pick and mix
    Selection: Wide variate
    Use Friendly:Very
    Style: Pick n Mix or Packets
    Price: Very Competitive
    Availability: Mostly In stock
    Shipping: Stealth and super stealth *Free Shipping in the UK*

    About Me: Firstly I am boutique grower I am not a massive scale grower however I usually have a plants going all that are different strains.
    This means some seed banks are off limits as they only cater to people wanting to buy packets of seeds.
    I have looked at many of the main seed banks as well as purchased from a number of them and haven't been as happy as I am with Herbies.
    I try and do extensive research before I buy things so I hope this can help other people looking for a good seed bank. I do not believe discrediting any other seed banks these are just my experiences.
    Hope it helps =]

    My experience:
    Very user friendly they have category for everything such as Auto's, Fem, Medical, Cup Winners and a category called Special offers with the current seeds that are offered at a discount.
    Tool Bar.jpg

    As soon as you go on you know you are getting free seeds as in the advertisement on the home page.
    So if you buy 1 seed your getting some for FREE!
    This may sound normal to a lot of you but the last seed bank I used didn't offer any Free seeds unless you were buying in large amounts.

    They seem to be in stock of 90% of there seeds and if they are out of stock they have a "Notify Me" area that you can fill in your Email and they will tell you when they have it back in stock.

    Each strain has a nice little write up that is for the most part informative.

    From doing my research I have found there prices to be cheaper then most seed banks I have looked at with the same seeds.
    You can choose to buy packets or signals that really appeals to me.

    The only suggestion I would like to see on the website is how much I am saving on the any seeds that are discounted such as Was $10.000 NOW $8.50.
    Also It would be good if they had room for comments on seeds from people who have brought that seed and want to review them.

    As this is my first time and I have just placed my order I will update this through the process and if any one has any questions I will try and help.

    Promo-code for 5% off:

    Website: http://www.herbiespicknmixseeds.com/
    Bilbo Baggins

    Bilbo Baggins Well-Known Member

    Thanks for link and promo code, was on Herbies site just half an hour ago looking for ''Sour Power '' which apparently is one that Herbies do, but never found it. But plenty of other goodies spied whilst I was in there.

    GandalfdaGreen Well-Known Member

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    Bilbo Baggins

    Bilbo Baggins Well-Known Member

    Morning Gandalf my friend, being UK not too worried about stealth really but getting to the stage in my own grow ( Nirvana Northern Lights ) which will be done in a month or so, where I'm looking for something new for the next grow, Herbies look decent.

    redtoro Member

    Bilbo I also found it on Herbies
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    Bilbo Baggins

    Bilbo Baggins Well-Known Member

    Thanks Redtoro, going to get a couple of them ( seeing as its a pick n mix option, and pick a few others to make up the numbers. TY for info and help

    redtoro Member

    UPDATE: It has been about 30 hours since I placed an order with Herbies and I have just received an Email saying my product has been dispatched.
    I have placed the order over the weekend and did not expect it to be posted until Monday.
    It will be interesting to see how long it will actually take to shipped as I am over seas.

    "Hi XXXXX,

    Your order #XXXXX has now been despatched by Royal Mail International Airsure. Please note no signature is required on delivery.

    You can track your package from monday on the Royal Mail website at www.royalmail.com by entering your tracking code: XXXXXXXXXX

    Please note that payment on your credit/debit card statement will be to HOCUS POCUS

    Royal Mail Airsure usually takes 5-10 working days to arrive.

    Best Wishes,
    Herbie "

    amgprb Well-Known Member

    Got to love herbies! Lol

    welshsmoker Well-Known Member

    i get all mine from them, excellent service.

    wahoo Active Member

    USE COUPON: thctalkherbies10 for 10% off


    eastcoastmo Well-Known Member

    I placed an order with herbies only last Wednesday and it arrived today...I'm in Oz :) very stealthy too I might add, had me thinking for a moment that it was an eBay order i made until I checked the tracking number. So 6 days to Oz is pretty bloody good IMHO and has beaten my tude order here that was placed 2 days before it!

    budbuddingding Active Member

    bilbo and gandalf in the same thread fuck me ! and then herbies use Hocus Pocus as their stealth deails on statements, this is awesome hahaha.....

    used herbies for myone and only order so far....v happy with them but you do have a point, user comments/reviews wud b a handy addition although i think there would be a lot of fake users basically.there to promote their products.....maybe not but also maybe they dont have it as people may fear being traced asgrowers and therefore wouldt really wanna review...not sure....id like it tho. but for most part u can find reviews elsewhere so not too fussed. a super plus that they have the pic n.mix, used that for some seeds and bought a pack of a diff strain from the regular herbies site. some strains lack the details you have given the example of it would be nice if each strain had full details....but.can always.hunt them.down on breeder sites..

    the free seeds arent always great, id love some free autos but they never seem to.giv.em away. i dont cross breed or pollinate (yet anyway) so would only want fem but prefer autos! plus the freebies i think.cud just b old stock they are getting rid of....would like to know how successful freebie seeds are, im germing oneof the free ones i got with my order atm, delicious northern light blue....hopin it goes well !
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    redtoro Member

    Thanks for the 10% coupon code does it have a minim spend attached?

    amgprb Well-Known Member

    100 pounds or euros ($156.19 usd) not including shipping...

    anToker Member

    Just what I am looking for in a seed bank, cause I do not own an apartment complex like some people do that they can just ship the beans to a different unit & name each time there confiscated.

    blowincherrypie Well-Known Member

    Differences aside, Sea of Seeds has A+ stealth.

    anToker Member

    I will look into them as well, I just got my package from the tude, green tape no beans.

    CoreyATX420 Active Member

    Antoker and I are in same state so tomorrow I'm foreseeing the same thing . Maybe . Can you explain the difference in herbies attitude and sea of seeds please ? For instance attitude offers a guarantee that they'll resend it ... But if they resend using the same methods then they're going off luck hoping it gets through . Shit needs to be stealth . What does each of these companies guarantee and how do you rate each of them on stealth ? Seen you drop a lotta knowledge so who better to ask aye?

    ASMALLVOICE Well-Known Member

    I love Herbie's - super nice people to talk to and ultra fast and discreet shipping.



    crazykiwi420 Well-Known Member

    herbies kick ass. im all the way over in new zealand and i got my goods in 7 days from order to arrival

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