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herbies headshop

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by rob butts, Apr 10, 2007.

    rob butts

    rob butts Well-Known Member


    LostInValium Active Member

    Is herbiesheadshop.com legit, or just another ripoff?
    rob butts

    rob butts Well-Known Member

    its legit i posted this back in the day i havent been opn in probably like a year and i ordered from them a couple times and they are very good send it in a disguised package too, mine was a hair braiding kit a shitlaod of little rubber elastics and the seeds were wrapped up in the directions on the rubber bands. Also they are legit seeds since its been so long i have started and finished the seeds i ordered and it was fucking great. A+ for them

    LostInValium Active Member

    Do they send seeds in it's original breeder packs?

    raiderman Well-Known Member

    i know rhino seeds has the best price hed shop, and good seeds selection , dependable and attitude seeds, the best on the internet,

    speedbullet2 Active Member

    Great place to order from ships to usa discreet a++ experience for me would do it again in a heartbeat

    speedbullet2 Active Member

    Yes they do.

    james2627 Active Member

    Herbies seeds store is 100% legit. I have never had a seed from them that didnt germinate! The even sent it next day delivery to UK.


    sativagrower87 Member

    what about replacement? for example your seeds didn`t arrive or 0% germ rate... would like to see some feedbacks about that...
    Mel O'Cheddar

    Mel O'Cheddar Active Member

    The 2 freebies they sent us are looking good. I have a Kandy Kush from them with leaves so big and pretty that I'm gonna press them when we do the pruning. TOTALLY looks like the picture you'd see in a 6th grade Health textbook or at some D.A.R.E. event. Beautiful shit.

    dwarfman420 Member

    Herbie's Headshop is a good company to do business with. They ship discreetly and customer service is fast n friendly. That has been my experience.
    Mel O'Cheddar

    Mel O'Cheddar Active Member

    I was kind of worried I was chancin' it when I ordered from them, seeing as they're not talked about much. But at the time I had my heart set on Strawberry Cheesecake and that's the only place I saw it. Ended up getting something totally different though, go figure.
    Ronny K

    Ronny K Member

    Herbies Seeds Rock !!!! Lowest prices, true Stealth packaging and absolutely " For Real " Awesome products ! As mentioned above 100% legit, not to mention free seeds are always included. They personally notified me to say that the item I ordered was sold out and to pick another of equal value. It arrived in manufacturers packaging that had been stealthed... Love Herbies !
    Ronny K

    Ronny K Member

    Herbies is Completely Legit 100% , honestly the Lowest prices and you receive exactly what was ordered in stealth packaging containing original manufacturers packaging. Plus free seeds included - Seriously this company is the one to use.. To avoid ripoffs ~ ignore the companies in Amsterdam

    Peace ~ Out RK

    JustAnotherHead New Member

    Place 2 orders with Herbies in the past month. They are legit. Fast shipping. Good stealth.

    raiderman Well-Known Member

    will go checkem out.

    cowell Well-Known Member

    considering they are now the banner seed company for RIU instead of attitude... I am going out on a limb and think that the powers that be (aka potroast) would check them out first before exposing the commumity to scammers. I've never had an issue with attitude, but I'm always open to try new places with decent prices.

    jagdog3 Well-Known Member

    I just recently placed two orders with herbies. The first order came in 8 days and the second in 9 days.Good discreet packing and some nice freebies also..
    'ome Grown

    'ome Grown Active Member

    Ordered twice from these guys...never day problem and they price match as well.
    dank smoker420

    dank smoker420 Well-Known Member

    this thread was started 5 years ago today!

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