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Herbies Head Shops Seeds

Discussion in 'Seedbank Reviews' started by smw5767, Jul 28, 2012.


    smw5767 Member

    Hi Guy's,
    this has been buggin' me for a while now........Let me explain...Like most,people are obviously looking for a DECENT RELIABLE DISCREET Seed supplier that sells good seeds of course! Well,i've seen MANY reviews/opinions and also people wondering about 'Herbies HeadShop' AKA Hocus Pocus.
    Before i continue Guys let me tell you this..I DON'T work for this shop in ANY shape or form!! I shit you not! I'm just a Plumber..and thats it.
    Now to the good bit....
    I'd like to take this opportunity to help my American friends across the pond have peace of mind...! I mean,who wants to send their money abroad 'if' it's going to get you ripped off,right? Fuck that for a game of soldiers...lol.
    As i said earlier,i'm writing this cos' i see so many Americans asking is Herbies shit or good?
    Well..... if you thinking of sending your hard earned Bucks overseas,You can Guys,SEND IT WITH CONFIDENCE! Ya know why????
    Why.....Because i LIVE ABOUT 10 MINUTES WALK from Herbies Headshop in Kings Lynn Norfolk England.....Been using the shop's seeds for years and its ALL GOOD,i shit you not Guys!!!!
    The Bloke i see in the shop is a top Geezer and ALWAYS throws in freebies for me when i buy.
    This IS NOT bullshit Fella's i just want to help out my Fellow Weed Lovers....Thats all.
    Hey,and remember....someones gotta live in England...just happens that i live in the town of Kings Lynn,which has the best fuckin' weed shop i know!
    Very best to all of you.
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    smokejoint Active Member

    yeah i used them last time ,the delivery is fast and very discreet and they do good freebies .i got a dna lemon skunk freebie from them and i'm smoking it now and it's killer.
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    brotherjericho Well-Known Member

    I've ordered from Herbies twice and Attitude twice. The only thing the 'Tude had better was the freebies, but that's only because I chose to go with promotions. Herbies did me right with freebies this last time AND got my seeds to me in 8 days. Attitude orders take 2-3 weeks.

    CdnBud Well-Known Member

    I order from Herbies all the time (10+times) over the last few years. I live in Canada and never had any problems with them.They have great prices and if you find a price lower anywhere, they will beat it. You get you beans in about a week...well Canada anyway
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    achillesdave Member

    Herbies is legit. I got my order delivered last week and I live in the US. I sent cash registered mail and they dispatched the order the same day it was received. There was a problem with USPS claiming missent, then no such number during tracking on the first package. Herbie answered all my emails the same day i sent them and dispatched a duplicate order at no extra cost to me. Great customer service.

    mikeandnaomi Well-Known Member

    Herbies isn't listed an official MR NICE vendor per Shantibaba; this made me think Herbies wasn't getting directly from the original source.

    Ndodson79605 Active Member

    Holy crap am I glad I came across this thread. I've been looking at so many different seed banks and have heard so many mixed reviews about them all. I was leaning towards the 'Tude or Herbies, and more towards the 'Tude because the prices are cheaper by a few bucks on some of the seeds. But with so many mixed reviews and people talking about their shipments came in crushed and/or took weeks, I was pretty skeptical to say the least. Now, because of my fellow stoners here, I am definitely going with Herbies. Even if I have to pay a couple bucks more (which with price matching, I don't believe I will), it's worth waiting only a week compared to 2-3. Thank you stoner fam for helping this idiot choose.

    pon Active Member

    I use Herbies - all good with free seeds thrown in and very fast delivery in crush proof packaging.

    smw5767 Member

    Glad i could help ya Guys,
    must be a pain in the arse getting the seeds from overseas,but with this Gezzer you cant go wrong......so all is cool.
  10. How about customs ? How do they declare whats in the package?

    rdo420 Well-Known Member

    I've also had a good expirence with Herbies. They do cost a little more that others but they ship fast, recieved my beans in 5 days. Stealth is not the best but good and crush proof.

    pon Active Member

    For your privacy all orders are sent in a plain brown unmarked "jiffy" padded envelope.
    Only your address will appear on the package and there will be no mention of the contents or our company name on the package.
    All International orders are sent with extra stealth and are packaged in a DVD case or similar and again have no reference to the contents or our company name on the outside of the package. Only the products ordered are enclosed, there is no literature, no credit card receipts or anything with your name or our company name inside.

    Super Stealth:
    For added privacy and security Herbie has a super stealth option
    Seeds are removed from their original breeders packaging and put into individually labelled mini bags, these are then enclosed discretely in your package.
    If you are worried about your privacy and security, this is the option for you!

    resinousflowers Well-Known Member

    well some strains may cost a little more,but shipping is cheaper.you dont have to buy a tshirt.

    pon Active Member

    The price of freekin seeds they should throw in a t-shirt!! Like how many seeds can a laarge plant yield at £5+ a pop

    smw5767 Member

    I'm a great believer in the ole saying Fella's....'You only get what ya pay for'...lol.

    canna_420 Well-Known Member

    10-25,000 in a comercial setup is easy

    Ndodson79605 Active Member

    They do price match, I believe. If you can find the same strain on another site cheaper, they match it. If I remember correctly. I'm not looking at the page right now.

    duncandog Member

    I thought they were great and I live in the states, east coast.

    dsilva3111 Member

    herbies replace orders?

    I85BLAX Well-Known Member

    a few thousand

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