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hempy bucket nutrient question.

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by noobforsure, Apr 22, 2010.


    noobforsure Member


    baddfrog0221 Active Member

    I am growing with the hempy method and have used soil nutes so far. That's the great thing about hempy it acts as both a soil and hydro medium. You just have to make sure you add a sufficient amount based on the size of your pot. Your hempy soil should be devoid of nutrients so you'll have to put everything back into the soil.

    I am having some problems with mine...
    The stems are red on the top and the leaves are curling downwards from the middle with the edges turning a lighter color. Not sure what exactly is happening yet, but I am working to figure it out.

    I think using hempy buckets requires more skill and nutrients then soil so proceed at your own risk and cost.

    Weeded.dk Active Member

    Hydronutes are so cheap. Why not just spend the few bucks it takes and get great results the first time? :)
    I use GH flora and I have had great results with beginner skills..

    Dont know if the thread is still around, but the hempy buckets thread that used to be around here covered all that very nice..
    It had a solution for using soil nutes I remember, but how to.. I dont remember :)
    pimpin paulie

    pimpin paulie Member

    i also have beginner skills and just finished my first grow with hempy buckets.nl in 2 gal buckets with gh floranova and liquid and dry koolbloom.got 4 oz per plant off 3 plants under 2 400w hps.this time im throwing a small dwc tub in with my hempys.got some bubba kush and some dna kushberry

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