Hempy and Passive Hydro Tutorial

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    I spent a lot of time searching, not only how to make a Hempy bucket, but how to actually go from being a soil grower to a hydro grower using passive hydro or Hempy Buckets. I couldn't find any solid information that had more insight on feeding schedules, nutrient balancing... and just an overall how to. This article gave me a good jumping point that gave me enough information to create a good framework on how to grow with this style. Thought it was worth sharing.

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    I've read a lot about hempy buckets, but I had never seen this article. Glad you posted it, it's brilliantly simple and very rich in knowledge.

    Thanks buddy. =)


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    I will be growing Hempy next grow, I am in soil now. Looking good but want to play a bit.

    I will be using a 4 gallon bucket, but only actually use 3 gallons of it. 75/25 Perlite/Vermiculite, GH Maxi nutes in a 6.25 sqft cabinet. Probably two to 3 plants mainlined.

    Will be seeking advice, thanks for being here.

    Peace out,


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    I'd like to join in on this. I am very interested in passive hydro. I am currently running a normal hempy, a modified hempy and a smart pot full of perlite sitting in a saucer. The normal hempy I water till water starts to come out of the hole. The smart pot in the saucer I just fill the saucer 2.5 inches with feed.

    The modified hempy is something new I just started playing with. I place a 3/4 in tube into the bottom of the bucket with some holes in it, covered with some landscape fabric. I fill the bottom of a bucket with hydroton, perlite, growstones, etc. up to about 3". I then take a single ply of landscape fabric, place it on top of my reservoir medium. THis is to keep the coco from sitting in the bottom. I then fill the rest of bucket with coco. I then place a float in the 3/4" pipe. The float is marked for empty, and full. When the float is at full I know there is about ~2" of feed in the bottom. Just like a hempy. I also use the tube to feed. This allows me to bottom feed thus keeping these freaking gnats away in coco. I only top feed the plants when I first plant them. Every watering after that is from the bottom.

    So far it is working really well. I love the idea of having NO runoff which is what I am driving for.

    The entire pH part of this has me wondering. I have been trying to keep my pH at 5.8. The above states to keep it at 5.2 in a passive system. Does anyone run a low pH as mentioned????

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    Here are some pics of the current passive I am running if anyone is interested. Thanks again for this great post




    IMAG1561.jpg ,.

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