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Hempy and Passive Hydro Tutorial

Discussion in 'Drain-To-Waste Hydro' started by thaurbanmyth, Aug 23, 2013.


    thaurbanmyth Member

    I spent a lot of time searching, not only how to make a Hempy bucket, but how to actually go from being a soil grower to a hydro grower using passive hydro or Hempy Buckets. I couldn't find any solid information that had more insight on feeding schedules, nutrient balancing... and just an overall how to. This article gave me a good jumping point that gave me enough information to create a good framework on how to grow with this style. Thought it was worth sharing.


    thaurbanmyth Member


    Jad3 Well-Known Member

    I've read a lot about hempy buckets, but I had never seen this article. Glad you posted it, it's brilliantly simple and very rich in knowledge.

    Thanks buddy. =)


    gr865 Well-Known Member

    I will be growing Hempy next grow, I am in soil now. Looking good but want to play a bit.

    I will be using a 4 gallon bucket, but only actually use 3 gallons of it. 75/25 Perlite/Vermiculite, GH Maxi nutes in a 6.25 sqft cabinet. Probably two to 3 plants mainlined.

    Will be seeking advice, thanks for being here.

    Peace out,


    NeWcS Well-Known Member

    I'd like to join in on this. I am very interested in passive hydro. I am currently running a normal hempy, a modified hempy and a smart pot full of perlite sitting in a saucer. The normal hempy I water till water starts to come out of the hole. The smart pot in the saucer I just fill the saucer 2.5 inches with feed.

    The modified hempy is something new I just started playing with. I place a 3/4 in tube into the bottom of the bucket with some holes in it, covered with some landscape fabric. I fill the bottom of a bucket with hydroton, perlite, growstones, etc. up to about 3". I then take a single ply of landscape fabric, place it on top of my reservoir medium. THis is to keep the coco from sitting in the bottom. I then fill the rest of bucket with coco. I then place a float in the 3/4" pipe. The float is marked for empty, and full. When the float is at full I know there is about ~2" of feed in the bottom. Just like a hempy. I also use the tube to feed. This allows me to bottom feed thus keeping these freaking gnats away in coco. I only top feed the plants when I first plant them. Every watering after that is from the bottom.

    So far it is working really well. I love the idea of having NO runoff which is what I am driving for.

    The entire pH part of this has me wondering. I have been trying to keep my pH at 5.8. The above states to keep it at 5.2 in a passive system. Does anyone run a low pH as mentioned????

    NeWcS Well-Known Member

    Here are some pics of the current passive I am running if anyone is interested. Thanks again for this great post




    IMAG1561.jpg ,.
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    Jad3 Well-Known Member

    that looks awesome. Do tell us how it worked out please!
    Commander Strax

    Commander Strax Well-Known Member

    a PH of 5.2 seems a bit low

    WattSaver Well-Known Member

    I'd have to question the ph range posted in the entry article. 5.1 to 5.9 is to low. I don't know of any hempy grower that run with ph less than 5.5. Proper range is 5.5 to 6.5. I stay in the 5.8 to 6.2 range.

    I understand that a pot in a saucer is passive hydro. But it should be avoided if possible. The water can pick up contaminates and direct light on standing water will lead to algae growth.

    One last thing, top watering will lead to better air exchange in the root zone as compared to bottom feeding.
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