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Hemp Oil

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by NikkiX, Jan 5, 2010.


    NikkiX Member

    Hi Every1, I'm not sure where to post this so I'll give it a try here.

    I am wondering if the oil they have in the dispensatories ... is anything like the kind that Rick Simpson makes? The handler had no idea. No one can answer this for me there. All I have been told is you rub the oil on sore areas of your body.

    I have Fibromyalgia and that would help a lot.

    hempcurescancer Guest

    Well, hemp oil is what Rick Simpson was using..I dont think there's a difference, but give it a try. After all, its cannabis, so it cant hurt.

    69wombat69 Member

    im guessing so. i mean, its all made from weed, so why would it be any different, right?? the only difference is that rick simpson uses a very dangerous method that i dont suggest any1 try. but i guess thats why hes a professional at what he does. there are some pretty safe recipes to make your own oil at home if you wanna try it. just look them up :)

    MrFishy Well-Known Member

    I seriously doubt the oil you speak of is anywhere near as potent as the Simpson oil. Ricks' oil is super concentrated, as in a pound of all buds makes about 2 oz's (55-60 mL) of medicine. The cost in a shop would be prohibitive to most, IMO.
    He gives his away. I grow mine.
    We made a small batch last week and it worked stellar. Tastes just like the bud it came from. Not even gross.
    I used it thru recent cold turkey detox from opiates. Will continue daily because one effect is lowered blood pressure.
    Also mixed a small amount w/vaseline and treating questionable moles. Simpson claims these moles will stop growing and heal?
    My wifes' fibro is depending on this as a remedy/cure, as the f'n prescribed opiates have ruined everything human about our lives.

    ommpCaregiver Active Member

    I bet what they have in dispensaries is regular butane extraction honey oil (I am personally not a fan) which is usually made from sugar leaf or mite infestation... there is usually a reason that its THC that you can't see the buds it came from(ie. larf, leaf, and mess ups). Ricks stuff is made from buds most people would drool over, all big fat outdoor tops and only the tops and lots of em. Rick isn't trying to make any money off his crop, which is why he uses the best that most growers try to sell. To obtain this ability you must make the decision that you providing a place for these plants to flourish in order to make the best and strongest natural medicine, which is priceless, cures cancer... To obtain it you must need it, search it out or make it yourself. If you need it, then that crop isn't to pay bills - its for the ability to keep getting bills.

    instructions are located at : http://www.phoenixtears.ca/article/rick-simpson/articles/make-the-medicine.html

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