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Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by LvGrower, Feb 4, 2013.


    LvGrower Member

    Hey everyone,so i need help again...
    my plant were looking perfectly healthy 2 days ago,and now all of a sudden,1 of my plants is looking realy sick :s
    its leaves kinda started to change shape,and now their all brown :s here a picture... IMAG0272.jpg
    maybe im not watering it enough now or what? i have no idea what happend :s any toughts?

    Ninjabowler Well-Known Member

    Details please, all of them, a picture doesnt help without details. Looks like your soil doesnt have any pearlite in it :( bad drainage. I hope your not over watering with bad drainage.

    iSmokealottaweed Active Member

    Are you letting your soil dry out somewhat in between waterings? Also what kind of soil are you using and are you hitting it with just water?

    topfuel29 Well-Known Member

    I can see the soil is cracked. I can see the soil has shrunk away from the edge of your pot.
    you don't want your seedlings to go dry, on the same token you don't want the soil to wet.
    Water the seedling, every day touch the soil with your fingers, look at the soil. If you need to give her a touch of water. Allways keep your seedlings soil moist.

    LvGrower Member

    well i made a thread earlier,and most of the replies told me that i was overwatering,so now im watering alot less,im just using regular soil for indoor plants,and im giving them just water. i usually water them when the soil feels like its dry,is that not enough? this happend over 1 night so i dont know whats heppening,if its lack of nutrients then im screwed because right now i ahve some problems with money,and i cant order the nutrients :s i water both plants at the same time,and the other one isnt having any problems :s

    TheTokingKing Active Member

    Try to keep in mind too guys, a small plant may not have very long roots. If you are letting it dry out like we do with our full size plants you may be drying out the roots because they are not down far enough where the moisture is. A large plant has roots everywhere which allows us to let the top soil dry out.
    I do the pick up test. I lift the plants and if it feels unusually light weight I then water. My soil is almost bone dry top inch when I water.

    LvGrower Member

    well il keep that in mind,and should i just cut off the bad leaves,and hope for the best?

    Doobiest Member

    • Nitrogen: Entire plant is light green in color; lower leaves are yellow; growth is stunted....

      Just one possibility...good luck!​


    Ninjabowler Well-Known Member

    I wouldnt cut the leaves off yet if they still are yellow. Only when they turn brown. If theres a brown spot on the top one as it looks like, id snip it off but just that little spot. Theres not to many leaves so id wait as long as possible to remove them. Still no details huh? Good luck :):)

    LvGrower Member

    well i already said what soil im using,and im giving them just water,i dont know what else could i say? :D well alot of leaves are almost entirely brown and dry so i guess il cut those off... and by the way,is it possible to grow them without giving any nutrients or anything? :s

    iiKode Well-Known Member

    Seriously, you should have had nutrients prepared before you started growing man, it looks a little like it would like 1/4 strength nutes right about now, starts off with nitrogen def, its only going to get worse until you can give it a feed.

    *BUDS Well-Known Member


    No that mongrel thing has been sick for some time, like its whole life. That soil , what is it? backyard? its no good for growing dope. Its dead start again bro, next time much better soil with perlite.

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