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Help with plant problems

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Og grumble, Mar 8, 2018.

    Og grumble

    Og grumble Active Member

    This lady has been having problems from the start. She popped out of the ground last, and had the seed shell stuck to her. I pulled it off and she stopped growing for a minute but after a couple days she recovered. She has been growing slower then the others and now shes yellowing a bit in spots. More like yellow lines on the veins. And it looks like its only on the new growth. Its an indoor tent grow using a King plus 1500w led. Kind soil with happy frog, filtered water ph 6.8, root trapper fabric smart pots, Temps have been between 74-80 during the day but this morning it jumped to 83 before i caught it and fixed it. Night temps are around 68-74. Humidity 25-35 (35 only when im taking steps to raise humidity, being in dry ass colorado) Plenty of airflow/air exchange. Not sure what shes trying to tell me... I called the kind soil people and they said its absolutely impossible to have a deficiency using their soil, and i believe them because i have seen it in action. He said its probably ph issue so i bought a more reliable ph test kit and its still testing perfect.

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