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help with making ISO or CANNA butter with my BHO left overs

Discussion in 'Concentrates and Extracts' started by andlund0930, Dec 16, 2013.


    andlund0930 Active Member

    • Hi There,

      I've made lots of BHO and have lots of left over coffee filters laying around as well as some razors and some parchment paper that im too lazy to scrape clean. Wondering if anyone can help with how to go about making ISO hash from these? Do i need to freeze everything? my thought was no since we are talking about already extracted oil here. please help. what i am ready to do is just take all the stuff throw it in a mason jar, dump the ISO over it, and shake for 30 seconds and run it through a coffee filter into a pyrex dish then let it air dry till all ISO is gone. Got the right idea?​


    Fadedawg Well-Known Member

    No need to freeze or to limit the time to 30 seconds. The chlorophyll and water solubles have already been taken out of the equation.

    andlund0930 Active Member

    Thought i would post results. So when i run BHO i use 4 unbleached coffee filters. I had about 20 of these left over. (i do not trim the ends, but after this project thinking i may) i also had 2 razors with some left overs on them as well and 2 knives. I took all the filters and razors and put into mason jar and poured maybe pint of ISO of it. Shook for 30 seconds, then poured through (1) coffee filter into a pyrex dish. Then i poured some more ISO into the mason jar and shook the knife ends around until they were clean and poured that again through a filter and into the pyrex. I was hoping for at least .6 or .7g. I wound up with 2 grams :) took about 2 days to evaporate, when i was left with what looked like a wet slick i scraped it up and decided it was too oily, still had water moisture is my hypothesis, so i heated my griddle up with water to 150 and let the pyrex sit in it for about 15 minutes, with a lot of whipping inbetween. When finished i wound up with a really nice, reddish amber color but when scraped and formed into a ball it is black looking. It was pliable and touchable last night but this morning has turned to shatter. I wonder if by tmrw it will turn to budder the way my BHO always does when i use this method. Cheers.

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    Don't hold your breath on the butter....
    Old material and lot of whipping with heat turned it amber and dry..probly looks similar to this if waxed or dark shatter if not
    OK smoke..looks gnarly..
    http://www.rollitup.org/attachments...qwiso-batches-please-dsc_0220_zps350770a0.jpg...see the wet look?
    Exact same oil but seperated after the wash..was heated at a higher temp and not purged with the same care
    Its better to leave in thin film than to scrape/collect and determine you need to go longer..oilyness may just be light flavorful terps and such if you evaporated for 2 days..

    andlund0930 Active Member

    wow thanks for the reply, yes the first PIC looks like what i have, little more glossy though, 2nd pics looks nicer to me, is that what you were saying, its more desirable to have the consistency of the second pic? Also, what made me whip and heat, i vape using a vapor pen, and have bought alot of CRAP oil around town before i decided to get serious and DIY. This was my first ISO experience. After i scraped it i dabed a little in my vape pen, IMO it makes the coil wet and the pen doesnt work as well, and just keeps vaping but really like half hits and not satifying, this leads me to beleive it is actually wetting the wick inside the coils, i then heat the pen to fuck and dry it back out, then i went through the whipping and heating process, and this was no longer an issue, just big dabs and nothing left over in the pen, that is interesting that y say the wet oilyness can be flavor terps, wet oily oil is what makes me mad and made me realize if i want something done right, you gotta do it yourself, im a total newbie now though. Ive only run maybe 3 oz at about 7-10grams a run. I am super happy with what i am coming up with just lots of inconsitancy when it comes to textures, no matter what its like it always seams to turn to budder crumble after a couple days. thanks for the reply bro

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