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help! will paint fumes hurt my grow in flowering?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by kronikilla, Feb 4, 2010.


    kronikilla Active Member

    recently the room containing the grow room was painted and there is no ventilation besides going through the painted room. its been primed and smells pretty bad.. a bud thought that it wouldnt effect them so she painted without telling me..
    im pretty pissed, I think that my now flowering plants are gonna suck..
    at the moment, nothing is wrong with them.. only day 1 of painting.. Ive worked hard on them and for them to be stalled by a month or more, less thc production.. or worse.. die.. is killing me.

    Ive ended up putting sheets over the closet but still air is flowing through... I have not turned the light off cause I dont want to ruin the flowering.. but im gonna shut it off soon so it doesnt get too hot.. will the fumes from the primer hurt the plants? I need a definate answer not some insight into how people need clean air to breath and so do plants.. will they still be able to survive if its being aired out?
    what can go wrong?

    thanks guys.

    the75bag Active Member

    you will be fine leave the sheets up for 2 days and get a box fan in the hall or window to remove the fumes

    Punk Well-Known Member

    Paint fumes may present a potential hazard, but not the odor of paint. The fumes dissapate rather quickly, you're fine.

    IndianRyder Active Member

    It will be some potent weed when its done................what color?

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