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HELP white mold on weed in jars

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by coolguy1478, Oct 2, 2010.


    coolguy1478 Well-Known Member

    so i went to bed with no mold and woke up to smoke some buds and noticed the beginning of white mold so took the weed out of jars and let it dry out some more and now i don't know if i should put it back in jars. The stems aren't breaking yet so I'm going to leave them out for the night to crisp up. also after i put back in jars will the mold grow again if spores are there even thou there isn't enough moisture? please reply ASAP i need answers by morning lol

    «.kingcronic.» Active Member

    Do not put them back in the jars. The buds are a source of moisture, so if any of the buds have spores on them, it'll grow. Do what you wish with the supposed molded bud, but don't mix em with the others. Let em dry out, then put em in different jars.

    coolguy1478 Well-Known Member

    thank you very much will try to it's really little speck of mold got out the magnifying glass and it is white mold

    DankBudzzz Well-Known Member

    Happened to me on my first grow. had to take the affected weed and leave it out to dry out more...Some will be salvagable but some you will have to make brownies or butter or hash with if theirs too much mold..

    coolguy1478 Well-Known Member

    no there isn't much at all what happened was i split up all the weed with my friend who grew with me one night and they had been in jars for 3 days and there was no mold that night. the next morning however 8 to 10 hours later i spotted white spots nothing big maybe a small nugget or two like .3 nugs so i cut out what i could find and they have been drying on a making sheet ever since the stems are just about at breaking stage like another 5 hours or so then back to the jars if you guys think everything will be ok. how long would it take for the mold to start growing again in the jars if it does.

    coolguy1478 Well-Known Member

    anyone know if the mold will spread after all moisture is taken out of the buds?

    resinraider Active Member

    nvr under estimate the internal wetness of ur weed

    Thor1911 Well-Known Member

    A lot of people would just tell you to throw out all the buds with mold on it. I wouldn't smoke it

    coolguy1478 Well-Known Member

    ya well i had to cut early due to rain and bud rot so i only got like 10 to 12 z's off of 9 plants and i had to split half with my buddy and a few other people who helped harvest and trim so i need to save what i can i looked over virtually every bud and took out the moldy ones now i'm going to take the moldy ones and cut out the mold throw away and keep the lil individual nuggets on the stems that aren't moldy. I will also jar the rest tonight i think they need more time to be fully dry

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