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Help w/ Fox Farms Trio nutrient guide

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by Vedder6, Mar 20, 2011.


    Vedder6 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys - I had a really quick question about that Fox Farms Nute guide that comes with the bottles...

    My buddy told me to follow the guide exactly, but before week 1 - theres a seedlings/cuttlings box, next to that says 18 hours of light, 1tsp of grow big, etc etc etc.
    Then it goes into week 1 feeding...

    Im wondering, for the first week do i follow that seedling/cuttling feeding schedule (every other water of course)..... THEN, follow the charts week 1 feeding schedule?? Or do i ignore the seedlings/cuttlings box completely and just follow weeks 1-12 feeding

    im so confused with this fox farms trio feeding chart :(


    Serapis Well-Known Member

    Are you feeding seedlings or cuttings? If so, start with the seedling recommendation. If you have an established plant, pick up from week one. If you are going to flower in a week, then start at week 3 of the guide.

    Vedder6 Well-Known Member

    i think im in the seedling stage still. i'll attach a pic.. The seed germinated on the 14th, I planted it shortly after. This is what it looks like today

    how can i tell what stages im in/going thru, and for how long should i keep on that certain feeding schedule?

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    Lucky81 Member

    imo..dont feed them anything but water and a dash of superthrive for like 2 weeks..they should have plenty of nutes in the soil to last that long..

    Vedder6 Well-Known Member

    well i already fed them with nutes a couples times already. im feeding them w/ nutes every other water.. the next time i water her it will be w/out nutes

    Vedder6 Well-Known Member

    2nd set of leaves are starting to grow out.. should i start week1 feeding AND light schedule? or should i still keep my lights on 24/7 until im ready to flower?

    Serapis Well-Known Member

    Thats an awful young plant. Like was said earlier, maybe too soon to feed. You asked for advice, you got some, although you seem to not like it. Maybe you should tell us what you want to do and see if it will be OK? Maybe that would work better.

    Vedder6 Well-Known Member

    woh. chill out kemo sabe. just asked a simple question. pardon me for being a [newb] first time grower and that im showing a little concern for my plant.
    not sure if you noticed but *no one* gives a straight answer. especially in laymans terms! sorry i dont have a phd in botany.. flowering?! superthrive?! seedlings?! established a plant?! young?! (ive read that dictionary on here - and google image, but) none of them say 'this is what you'll should see in week1. water w/ ph water..... this is what you should see in week2 water with ph water.... this is.."
    so my god mr. 6,011, 1 out of 10 ppl will be confused w/ this shit and unfortunately im one of those 10!!!

    im asking for advice??? for what im seeing????in my plant????? im not sure how much more.... to tell you what i want to do then that?

    sorry for being so brash but i figured my experience would be more like:
    'hey bro welcome to the fourms! thats cool your growing. check this, if its your first time week 1-3 do no feed any nutes. just light 24/7 and water. after 3 weeks start the week# on your nute guide and a couple months you'll have your first plant! let me know how it goes!'

    ...but its been slightly different:leaf:

    Springtucky Well-Known Member

    You can burn your plants up feeding them full strength fox farm nutes. You're in Roots Organic soil which contains fertilizer for your babies. LESS IS MORE when it comes to feeding your plants brother. Give them water for a few weeks and see how they do. I use all of Fox Farm's line-up and NEVER go full strength (about 3/4 label recommendation). There is a lot of information on here about every aspect of growing, the best advice given to all of us new growers is to read.

    714Skyhi Active Member

    I don't think your suposed to have your lights on for 24/7 you should check out a lighting schedule.also baby plants don't need nutrients really if you have good soil it's fine tell the get there 2nd or 3rd set if leave.make shur your plant has no brown spots or looks like it is wilted.

    snailwagon Active Member

    The FoxFarm lineup works fine. They have two differnt feed charts, with the newer having their Bushdoctor products in it and is black instead of purple. Common potting soils like Roots Organic, Ocean Forest, and Happy Frog have enough food for at least a couple of weeks for most strains. This food is really all a seedling or clone needs. I'd suggest to start feeding in about 2 weeks after your first set of true leaves, and then sticking with their feed chart. Standard soil feeding regimes include either: food-water-food-water, or feed only once a week and use just water when needed. If you have the older, purple, feed chart, pay attention to the Grow Big. They tell you to use it all the way through veg to end of flower; this is a misprint. Their are different instructions for the hydro and soil, follow the ones that have you use Grow Big only occasionally in flowering.

    Just remember every strain and gardener is different, so feed charts are merely maximum starting suggestions.

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