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Help! Seedlings and Temperature

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Hooker, Jan 15, 2009.


    Hooker New Member

    Ok so I have 4 seedlings about a week old... My lighting is 4 4' 40 watt fluoro bulbs overhead and a 32 watt CFL that is surrounded by my four plants.

    My fastest sprouting plant is about 3" tall right now, and is about 2" under the 32 watt CFL. I'm thinking the temperature in my small grow room is too hot... about 87 F, and I'm wondering if that could be why the tips of the leaves on my tallest plant are getting dried up and turning brown?

    Please help, I need to know if this is a threat or if I should just keep doing what I'm doing...

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    LUDACRIS New Member

    74*(day temp).
    68*(night temp).
    and no nutes for 3 weeks then start with 1/3 strength(nutes)and build it up from then.

    messycan Well-Known Member

    Where are you measuring your temps? I hope not directly under the light because you will get a higher reading. Place your thermo somewhere in the room, and use a digital infrared temp gauge to get the readings from the canopy. I was off by 6 degrees until I switch to the method I use now. I have my 400w MH about 14 inches from the top of my seedlings and they love it. Pics in my journal.

    Twistyman Well-Known Member

    Do you have a fan on them...?

    LUDACRIS New Member

    6* either way wont make much difference.
    and measure the ambient temp as said above and not the radiant temp coming from a light source.its not going to go horribly wrong if your temps are a bit off but a major fluctuation in temps can cause problems with nutrient lockouts.

    Hooker New Member

    ok ok... I NEED TO KNOW WHAT THE PROBLEM IS. Is it too high of a temperature or is it nute burn? I did use Miracle Grow potting soil to start them in so I'm a bit worried about that...

    And I keep the thermometer hanging on the wall in my grow space, not under the light. But FFS I'm using a CFL and some shoplights in my closet... this is not a big grow op. I'm not going to buy a digital infared anything lol.

    Thanks for the replies so far... can anyone give me a diagnosis? I know the leaves look green in the picture but the tips are brown and its spreading...

    messycan Well-Known Member

    well since my plants were running around 87 degrees for a few days and nothing happened, then I am going to assume that its nute burn. It would help to post the ACTUAL temp above the canopy, but that will be a bit tricky with a thermo..unless you shade it OR get a infrared temp for $30.

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