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Help Please! YoYo Hangers

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by katfan, May 25, 2011.


    katfan Member

    First time grow here. Just bought the GYO2009 400 watt HPS/MH cool tube system and it comes with 2 "free" yo yo hangers. I'm trying to figure out how to put my light up in my tent (LED wholesalers 4'x4'x72" tent). The hangers look like they work but one side is a string and the other is an eye. The instructions are worthless. The package contains two sets (one large, one small) of hooks that could be screwed into a stud overhead and two eye bolts. I can't make heads or tails of these pieces and their is no support online. I've tried searching several different threads but can't seem to find any answers to this specific question. It's crazy how such a simple thing is messing me up. Anyway I see that some people use carabiners somehow but not sure what to do with the "string" ends on the yo yo's.

    Sciεncε Active Member

    Also interested in how they actually work. I've heard that there not too great though. Still, haven't tried them.

    MasterS Well-Known Member

    They drive me freaking crazy. My yo-yos on the 400W veg lights keep retracting. I tighten them but always want to retract to a point past where they were tightened. I just used a zip tie on the hole end to connect to the lights and tied the string to the bar above to hang them from.

    08GSXR600 Well-Known Member

    you can also tie a knot to keep from retracting if the space doesnt need the light adjusted dramatically.

    08GSXR600 Well-Known Member

    the string end is tied to the light and then you loosen the nut until the line retracts. Once the line is retracted to the desired height, you tighten the bolt/nut and it stays in place (may move either way a few inches until it locks.)

    Terry0129 Active Member

    omg what next, how do i screw in my light? seriously its hardly rocket science. come on guy you can do it, you can figure this out yourself i believe in you.

    dajosh42069 Well-Known Member

    To hell with the hangers, spend 5 bucks and get some chains at a hardware store... I got that SAME light, and the SAME hangers...they don't work for shit, trust me. Chains is the way to go! ;-)
    Anyone who's played with some shitty yoyo hangers will tell you, get some chains, it's worth the couple bucks.
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    katfan Member

    If I could have figured it out without much effort I wouldn't have posted the question here. I am not screwing the mounting hooks to the metal rods that hold the tent together. I almost bought some carabiners at the hardware store but I figured that spending $4 a piece for those didn't make sense when I would've paid $10 for the yo yo's in the first place. I do like the chains idea. I'll give it another try tomorrow with a fresh set of eyes. So the string goes to the light...that I will use. I agree that I will figure it out eventually, especially with your help.
    Dr. Bigbud

    Dr. Bigbud Well-Known Member

    Get rachet light hangers, they are way better than those yoyos and chains. With yoyos you can have the light accidentally fall because you exceed the tension when your moving the lights up or down. with Chains its annoying to switch links everytime u wanna move it. With ratchet hangers you just pull the rope and the lights go up flip the switch and then drop lights to your desired level. One of the best 18 bucks I spent.

    MasterS Well-Known Member

    Ratchet light hangers... great idea >.<

    carnage11 Active Member

    Agreed. Chains. Better.

    lazaah Well-Known Member

    i use yoyos, i used the rings from keyrings to attach em to the light and top of my tent. Adjusted the tension so i can move them up and down freely and it stops where I want. Makes adjusting the light height a breeze, I HATED using f-in chains

    secretweapon Active Member

    I bought gyo yoyo's almost worthless, I figured out that if you use small alligator clips just clip the string at the yoyo and it stops it from retracting, biggest pos imo but it works.
    Buddy Ganga

    Buddy Ganga Active Member

    Yo yo are worthless for anything other then small reflectors.

    Ratchet straps are the only type I use now.

    MasterS Well-Known Member

    Haha buddy, experience is the opposite. My yo-yo's work perfect for my 1000W HPS with cool-tube. When using with my 400W HPS on the other hand, because it is so light they damn things keep retracting. I'm going to try that alligator clip idea just posted today because it's what I need
    Buddy Ganga

    Buddy Ganga Active Member

    I like things simplified.
    It either works perfectly or it's useless in my grow.

    Yo yo's are rated to 22 lbs a pair.... Not to forget the thin cheap plastic they are made of.
    Easy glide hangers rate at 44 lbs a pair.
    Ratchet straps, 150 lbs a pair.

    If I'm going to hang something over my babies, I'm going to make damn sure it's the best I can get and the easiest to use.

    MasterS Well-Known Member

    Making me like the ratchet idea more and more! I'm headed to home depot today! I loves j00 ^_^
    Buddy Ganga

    Buddy Ganga Active Member

    ProGrip Ratchet Light Hanger

    Rope Ratchet Light Hangers allow you to secure items quickly and easily. Rope length is 6 ft. Holds 150lbs for the set.
    6. [​IMG]
    Easy Glide Light Hanging Kit

    Easy Glide Light Hanging Kit


    SunLift - 1 Pair

    SunLift is a reflector suspension system which allows you to adjust the height of ta hood in one simple movement. The tension mechanism will keep the hood in place once it is set at the desired height.


    urbanfog Member

    I am new at this but I am thrifty! I also got the yoyos with my 400HPS cool-tube, described exactly as yours. They were a pain to adjust, then I found these at riteaid........anyone need some yoyos cheap?


    2 sets for 10$ now I have my lights on one set and a fan on another, hope it helps

    yum114 Active Member

    2 words

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