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Help please.. outdoor plant, leaves turning yellow and purple at the bottom

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by doggerjones, Aug 23, 2010.


    doggerjones Member

    hi everybody. I'm growing 1 weed plant outside, about 1 foot tall now, and it started budding about 3 weeks ago. recently the leaves at the bottom have been turning yellow, which I've heard is pretty normal during flowering but they've also been getting steadily more and more purple? some of the ones at the bottom look almost completely purple now. the bud at the top is also turning a little bit purple... I've heard this is from the cold but maybe I'm wrong? the bottom of the plant is looking weak but all the fresh fan leaves and all branches seem to be very green and healthy.


    ok, well first pic you can see the obvious purple on the leaves. the 2nd pic is the leaf that looks the worst out of all of them, curling up for some reason? none of the other ones are doing that. 3rd is the bud itself, which looks great compared to the bottom half of the plant. and 4th is the full meal deal
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    2) Growing indoor or outdoors

    3) Watering schedule
    usually once a week, but recently it got rained on a lot so it hasnt had the chance to dry out for longer than usual. but i dont think that alone could cause all this purpling?

    4) Growing Medium
    soil, its in organic potting mix with a bit of peat moss, some worm castings, bit of dolomite lime and some bonemeal

    5) What stage of growth
    approx. 3 weeks into flowering

    so do I have anything to worry about? just wait til it dries out or something? maybe lay off on the nutrients? or even add more nutrients?? it has been a little chilly lately, but not anything crazy. i've heard hot days and cold nights can cause a bit of this but the pics they showed on that site looked different that mine. basically right now the bottom half of the plant is dying, so i'm just gonna have a rly long stem that goes up to a big jungle mass of leaves and buds. which isn't rly a bad thing but is that ok to happen?

    anyway thanks.. i tried asking around but no one seems to know

    doggerjones Member

    also I used a pH meter and it came out to about 6.8... which should be just about perfect right? the guide for diagnosing plant problems say phosphorus deficiency can cause reddish or purplish color on leaves, and yellowing on bottom leaves, but I have a decent amount of bonemeal in the soil which should be plenty

    heathaa Well-Known Member

    i would stop using nutes for a while and maybe even flush it. yes cold weather will give it a blue or purple tint but yours look chemical burned or something i would assume its too much nutes never seen anything quite like it

    doggerjones Member

    hmm ok. I've only been using organic worm tea as fertilizer, so idk if that would burn it... i've started using molasses as well but the problem was there before i started feeding it that. i haven't fertilized in a week or so and i did flush... it hasn't dried out since i flushed it a while ago, i'm gonna let it dry out quite a bit before i water again and hopefully it will perk up again. ya it is pretty unusual, i've been looking over the internet for solutions but i haven't found any pictures that look much like it.

    also I live in BC, if that matters... should be a great climate for growing bud.

    does anyone else have ideas? at first i didnt think it was anything to worry about but its progressing rly fast so i wanna make sure to stop it while i can

    doggerjones Member

    bump.. does no one know what this is? another leaf just fell off when i barely touched the plant (the one that looked all bent in the pictures). no ideas? nothing? someone has to have had this problem at some point

    bdubisking Member

    I am experiencing the same issue..I have NEVER had this issue before...From what I have read in the bible, it could be a P, Mn or PH issue..Are you using a soil ph meter or testing the runoff with a digital? Ive found soil ph meters are useless pieces of shit

    doggerjones Member

    yeah... i'm only rly left with a few big fan leaves, hopefully i can make somewhat of a recovery in time for harvest. it wasn't a very big plant in the first place anyway.. but still. I'm pretty certain I have enough phosphorus in my mix, too much if anything. Mn I pretty much have no idea how much I have, but I've read it's a kinda uncommon deficiency. and ya I'm using a digital pH meter which seems a little dodgy to me since i got it a couple days ago I've tried it on a few other plants(non-weed) with pretty different soils and they basically all say neutral or very slightly to the left or right of it

    doggerjones Member

    well fuck I guess no one knows. guess its just luck from here on. how I got a plant problem that no one has ever seen before or at least no one wants to tell me how to fix i dont know

    doggerjones Member

    ok now I'm trying to foliar feed Molybdenum through the leaves because another guide had leaves that looked similar to mine and suggested feeding watered down garden food with molybdenum in it onto the leaves. since no one on this forum seems to know anything that will help, i'm just basically trying out random things that i have no idea are right are not but it's better than nothing.

    thanks heathaa and bdubisking for at least posting
    Mister Greengenes

    Mister Greengenes Member

    Hard to tell from the pics, but they look small for the size of the pots. That would make accurate watering difficult. Overwatering would be likely especially if the mix isn't very fast draining. The purple coloring just looks like 'fall foliage' color, possibly from cool nights and doesn't look too serious. But, the stunted, twisted new growth at the top does.

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