Help!!! My buds wont swell up...why???

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by HIFOE, Jan 31, 2013.


    HIFOE Member

    Hi im using a 400w hps cool tube and its hooked up to an inline fan and a filter that exits outside of my house. I have two windowos open at the bottom of my tent for fresh air intake. I also have a circulating fan blowing at my plants 24/7 and a led panel for suplumental lighting. I never have any heat problems so im able to keep the light close to the canopy without burning any plants. I never had any problems or deficiencies trew out the whole grow using the full line of FOX FARM nutrients. They smell gd and look frosty but NO growth in size, their in the first day of the 4th week of flowering. What am i doing wrong????? is this normal???? can anybody plz help????

    0130132238c.jpg 0130132239b.jpg 0130132238a.jpg

    PeyoteReligion Well-Known Member

    That' not bad for week 4. Just be patient, give them more time. Like another 4 weeks then check back in.

    cobra28widow New Member

    yeah they look fine. How old the the 400w bulb?? They pack on a good amount of weight during the last 2 weeks.. Your doing great so far. Keep up the good work.

    chewberto Well-Known Member

    Dude great resin production that are fine... The first 3 weeks in flower the plant is stretching not working on much bud production... the swell happens the last 3 three two weeks your gonna see some growth

    HIFOE Member

    cobra98widow I put in a new bulb at the begining of the 2nd weeks of flowering cuz i was low on cash so i was stuck using my MH bulb when I switched to flowering.

    HIFOE Member

    Thanx allot guys i was worried i was gana end up with tiny buds. Ill keep you guys updated hopefully i grow some topshelf. Is there anything im missing in my grow room that you guys think i should get???

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    400 watts + MH are the reason the buds are not tightening. Add some 2700K CFL if you can to add more red spectrum to the light. A lot. Not hard as you can buy the 55-watt BIG spiral CFL bulbs at Wally. A cheap bowl reflector for each bulb. Or use a 2" X 4" board and screw porcelain light sockets onto it. Then put "Y" adapters in each one and a CFL on each side of the "Y".

    TheKushguy420 Active Member

    That made my brain hurt..:wall:
    Why CFL's Noooooooo!
    Guitar Man

    Guitar Man Active Member

    Next time, switch to HPS. HPS lights have a better spectrum for flowering, and can be used during Veg as well.

    TheKushguy420 Active Member

    Week 4 that shit looks great man!

    swiss210 Well-Known Member

    Ya i agree why use CFL's ? big waste of time... Get your self a good HPS bulb

    iiKode Well-Known Member

    A good mixed spectrum bulb will do a whole grow. Apparently they have more lumen output than a regular mh or hps bulb. My grow seems to love the mixed spectrum :)

    B.B.V.C. Active Member

    From what i understand he already has a brand new HPS bulb. I think the grow looks great and like everyone has said you will see a lot of bud swelling around week 6-7

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    ADD the CFL, not use them as subs. If he's stuck with a blue-heavy MH he needs red from somewhere.

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    Add the CFL to his HPS, not sub it. Blue heavy MH at the onset of flowering set him back. Augmenting HPS with CFL is done by many even without use of MH at any time. Read up. His little 400-watt will not yield the bud he dreams of without it is my guess. Playing catchup is a losing game.

    RetiredMatthebrute Well-Known Member

    this comment made my head hurt....

    HIFOE Member

    I only used the MH bulb for the first week, second week I switched to a HPS bulb and im currently still using it............. Will this efect my yield??? since i used the MH bulb to begin my flowering phaze????

    UncleBuck Well-Known Member

    your buds will be fine if you keep it up. those look marvelous for week 4!

    in fact, i just know you're going to love the last 2-3 weeks, when they swell and change colors :eyesmoke: such a cool time in the growth cycle.

    one thing to add to your room: canopy control. supercropping is a method i use primarily for an even canopy, although others will tell you about other ways to keep the canopy even.

    one thing to take away from your room: cats. i saw a small hair in pic 1. not the end of the world, but not desirable. plus, those little critters seem to drag in all the bugs.

    PeyoteReligion Well-Known Member

    And eat the lower fan leaves, if given a chance. :cuss: Fucking weird ass cat eating vegetables...
    Rancho Cucamonga

    Rancho Cucamonga Active Member

    Ya early week 4 being day22 or so that's normal for only a 400. Next time count from "signs of first white pistils" and not 12/12 switch. Flowering days are counted from first day of pistils, not 12/12. Although many seem to disagree.

    What's that lite-brite doing in the grow room?


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