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Help me choose seeds

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by Guerilla Gardener, May 25, 2012.

    Guerilla Gardener

    Guerilla Gardener Active Member

    Im going to the Treating Yourself weed expo tomorrow in Toronto.. I really want to get ahold of Kosher Kush or Exodus Cheese... even OG#18...

    DNA is there as well as a few other seed breeders...

    any suggestions?

    vendor list

    1 Of A Kind Glass # 525
    420 Medibles # 420
    ABCann Inc. # 629
    Advanced Nutrients # 201
    AK Traders # 117
    Alive Distributor Inc. # 327 + # 426
    AM 740 # 400
    BC Bud Depot# 101
    Brite-Lite # 106
    C.A.L.M # 425 + # 427 + # 524 + # 526
    C.A.M.C.D # 219
    Canadian Compassion Dispensary # 702
    Cannabinoid Society # 635
    Cannabis Culture # 440
    CANTek Dist. #208
    Cones # 227
    DNA Genetics # 513
    Delta 9 Labs # 118
    Dr. Hornby # 216
    End Prohibition # 442
    Finest Medicinal Seeds # 621 + # 720
    First Quality Bags # 617
    Flight Distribution # 113 + 212
    Free Marc Emery # 440
    Funtional Glass Art Competition # 531
    Georgiatoon # 200 + 203
    GrassRoots TV # 715
    Green Candy Press # 610
    Green House Seeds # 521 + # 620
    Green Planet Wholesale # 220
    GTA Seedbank # 713
    Head 2 Head #709
    Hemp Interactive # 401
    Herbal Aire #313, 412
    Herban Lifestyle # 706
    Hot Box Cafe # 613
    Home Grown Hydroponics # 424 + # 325
    Honey Bee Extractor #116
    Hortilab # 711
    Humber Valley Seeds #207 + # 306 + # 516
    Hydrotech Hydroponics # 625 + # 627
    I-medicate.com # 544
    Jackie Cooper Original Art #707
    The Joint Doctors # 601
    Kannabia # 413 + # 512
    KDK Distributors # 717
    Kush.Ca # 544
    Kushh # 114
    L.E.A.P # 342
    Laughing Buddha Botanicals #100
    London Compassion Society # 221
    MCRCI # 603
    me Glass Works # 102
    Med Cann Access # 217
    Medicinal Cannabis Genetics # 207 + # 306
    Med Pot Now Society #619
    MEGAWATT # 712
    Melonheads # 120
    MMSW # 621 + # 720
    Mountain High # 227
    News Talk Radio 1010 #303
    NORML Canada #540
    NORML Women's Alliance of Canada #542
    North American Medical Genetics #112
    Northern Ontario Compassion Club # 326
    Organicix/The Davinci # 308
    P.A.C.E. # 421 + # 520
    Paradise Seeds # 320
    Philco # 419
    Pixel Dreams # 321
    Plantasur # 413 + # 512
    POL-COA Defence # 441
    Puff - # 225 + # 324
    Puff Mama's #700
    Pure Glass # 301
    Pure Hemp # 701
    Quebec Import # 316
    Roach O Rama # 613
    RooR # 407 + # 506
    Royal Queen Seeds # 213 + # 312
    RX #501
    Second Nature # 109
    Section 56 MM Resource Centre # 507
    Seeds For Less # 300
    Serious Seeds # 623
    Skunk Magazine # 606
    Sheldon Black # 612
    Spinner Hydroponics #121
    Spliff Magazine # 613
    Steep Hill Labs # 107 + # 206
    The Cali Connection # 517 + # 616
    The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary # 216
    The Massage Lady # 703 + # 802
    Toronto Hemp Company #600
    Treating Yourself Magazine # 421 + #425
    Trimpro # 317 + # 416
    Vancouver Seed Bank #108
    Guerilla Gardener

    Guerilla Gardener Active Member

    just give me the top 3-4 reputable companies from the list.

    drolove Well-Known Member

    california connection, green house seeds, and maybe serious seeds

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    greenhouse seeds would be on the bottom of my list of picks for sure..
    there's a few good ones in there though..
    bc bud depot has a few really killer strains.. their purps is supposed to be one of the better purple strains out there.. and the black is the new purple, lol.. they have a few more nice strains as well..
    hortilab also has a few really nice strains..

    i've never grown royal queen myself, but i have heard a few rave reviews on a few of their strains on here as well..

    dna has some fire... i just picked up both of their martian kush and chocolope kush from the attitude not too long ago...

    and delta nine has a super rep.. their gear isn't too pricey and is some straigh fire from what i have read...

    do you like indica's or sativa's op?? i'd suggest maybe going over to the attitude and checking out some of the breeders who will be at the expo and make a lil list of things that sound good to you..
    ask lots of questions while you're at the expo if you have any.. it's not everyday that you'll have the chance to talk straight to the breeder to get any answers to any questions you might have, so i suggest using the time to your advantage..

    oh yah, and have a nice time... :)

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    hey gg, isn't ricky from ricky seeds going to be at this expo?? lmao.. :)
    Guerilla Gardener

    Guerilla Gardener Active Member

    Im a big Indica fan although I do grow a Hybrid in there as well. I have God bud and Sour Purple Diesel with a few small Puna Budder mixed in. I was looking seriously at the Kosher Kush from DNA, as well a reputable dealer for OG#18.
    Im not familiar with BC bud depot, their site uses alot of greenhouses pics and calls it different stuff so... that was a red flag. Greenhouse has shit genetics now, I was also wanting a cheese strain.. Basically RacerBoy71, Im looking for what every indoor enthusiast wants.. The biggest yeilding most potent THC laden sweet smelling nugs possible. I thought I'd go with the Kosher Kush as my #1.. the OG18 OR a Cheese strain as my tied for 2nd and maybe a critical mass+ for the weights as space is a concern.
    Guerilla Gardener

    Guerilla Gardener Active Member

    God I hope so :) In yer face stupid Ricky!

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    while critical mass will yield good, i'd be worried about potency as it has big bud in it, and bb is not the most potent of things tbh...

    i don't know about bcbud depot using greenhouse pix, if anything, i'd think it was the other way around.. i wouldn't recommend ordering from bc's site, but they do have nice gear which you can now get at say the attitude, or better even, in person at the expo..

    i'm not real familiar with the kosher kush tbh as it's a bit newer for them i think, but i hear a lot of mixed reviews on their og18, some people absolutely love it, and others well, you know how that goes..
    i've grown a few things by dna and have been over all happy with it.. loved their sour kush, which is sour d x kush of some kind.. their sour cream was nice as well..
    their chocolope is supposed to be beyond bomb and sativa heavy, but i would say their new chocolope kush would be more hybrid, and the chocolope genes should up the yield on the kush genetics which ime aren't always the best of yielders..

    i do love me some nice kushes, but like i said, they seem to be on the lower end of yields ime.. dr greenthumbs og kush ghost cut was my biggest kush yielder at around 3 zips in 5 gallons under a 250 hps.. fire smoke as well...
    cali connections pre 98 under 400 watts i was lucky if i got an ounce.. it was straight fire, but the yield was a joke, so i pulled it..

    Geronimo420 Well-Known Member

    I've always liked serious seeds they only have a few strain but everyone of em is excellent & AK-47 my favorite.

    Geronimo420 Well-Known Member

    you should also consider Bc bud depot they are relatively inexpensive but still have strain that will rock you

    JCashman Well-Known Member

    hey OP, u may wanna check you sig.

    could lead to trouble ;)
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    Guerilla Gardener

    Guerilla Gardener Active Member

    Ok heres my report .. I looked at Vancouver island seed bank, they had very limited seeds and nothing new or of connesuir quality. I looked at BC bud depot and they had some decent stuff in Jars. but again.. limited strains. Royal Queen only had feminized and autos. Kannabia only had autos, serious had a few select seeds.. Paradise only had a few strains. Hortilab had 3 strains all were sours. Greenhouse was there with their little colored discs.. I chose DNA Genetics and had intended to get Kosher Kush which was available in 6 packs for a $100. feminized.
    I wasnted regulars.. but the best strains were only available in feminized except for the sativas. I ended up choosing A 6 pack Feminized of Reserva Privada OG#18 as the guy said it was kick ass powerful and yielded heavy.. he said its REALLY striong so I took it. The other strain I selected was a 6 pack of Chocolope Kush from DNA. The guy said he loved it, it was a personal favorite and he told me he was growing kosher and the yields werent large at all.. The chocolope is supposed to bulk up the kosher kush ans there you have Chocolope Kush.

    Ill be doing a full journal with pics and starting beans as soon as my next round starts in 2=3 weeks tops.l

    I will also sdtart a new thread reviewing the actual Treating Yourself Expo tomorrow.

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