Help me build this stealth speaker grow box please!

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by HempFace, Mar 28, 2012.


    HempFace Member

    ok this is the box I am working with but have no building skills. box is made from 3/4 plywood . Attached wit 2012-03-27 18.45.25.jpg 2012-03-27 20.52.35.jpg h those wood blocks inside. how would one go about making a door on this thing?

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    Invalid attachment. Repost please

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    no pics.....

    HempFace Member

    Im using a phone and it really sucks for posting! pics should be showing now.

    I need to make an additional hole in the back for exhaust. what is the best way to do a hole in 3/4" plywood?

    Also a power strip doesn't fit on any side if i mount it horizontal. What do you suggest for getting 4 lights using cfl bulbs in there? i have one 65watt 6500k cfl with three 26w cfl. I don't know anything about wiring, how hard would it be to wire 4 sockets in the box seeing how a power strip won't fit?

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    Perhaps I should have posted this in the micro stealth section. Sorry about that.

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