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Help... Light fell on plant, main stem broke

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by usualsuspect609, Feb 25, 2009.


    usualsuspect609 Active Member

    I started flowering about 4 days ago and went to change add some lights today when my power strip holding my lights fell on one of my plants and broke my main stem in 2 pieces. What can i do with this? Should I continue to flower the plant, or is it just gonna die? It was about 12" before it broke now its like 7". Like the top 3 nodes broke off at the main stem. Any suggestions?

    Tem421 Well-Known Member

    you can try taping it up with some non-toxic tape, and hope for the best. I mean there is no point in not trying right? If it just broke around the top maybe it will continue to grow and it will be just like pinching it.

    jahtrip Well-Known Member

    Oh dont worry.... a similar thing happend to me... it depends on how the plant broke... there is a technic called suppercroping which consists of bending the plant till it snaps in one spot and with time that branch will get back up and heal the wound... this allows for more budding sites to form and it also gives you a bigger and tastier bud on top of that elbow/crack....
    here is a video of some guys supper cropped plant.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZ0VZKGeFTc
    so basically if the part that broke is still somewhat attached to the rest of the plant.. give it a chance to heal... oh and this may cause your plants to flower a little longer.. i say for every crack/bend you make give it an extra 5 days to a week of flower.... but its seriously worth it...
    I supercrop all my plants during vegging, and one more time when it enters flower....
    On the other hand if you clearly broke the meristem off... dont worry... its not a bit problem at all..... you might wanna burn the tip of the place it broke off just to get any bacteria off... like when you burn a home sewing needle to stich someone up ... (not that ive ever done that)hehe
    some varieties actually give a bigger harvest if you clip the meristem off .. the plants energy will be focused on the branch tips that havent broken off.......
    i hope this helped you out a little... if youre really that worried about it.. try and post a pic and ill let you know what you could do next...
    till that time....
    keep it green in love and LIGHT IT UP!!!!

    mma Active Member

    Supercropping is a little bit different to dropping a power strip on your plant.
    You should be able to splint the main stem and wrap firmly.
    Carefully cut the tape or whatever off after a week or so and see what happens.

    jahtrip Well-Known Member

    is that not obvious?? that is why its called suppercropping and not dropping things on your plant.... but i was just suggesting that if it hasnt broken off completely, it could heal itself like it does when you suppercrop and he might get the same effect;.... if not then its not the end of the world either.......
    so no matter what as long as it still has fan leaves and stems somewhere... itll survive and live to bloom and be fine....
    i keep mother plants for about 6 to 8 months then i literally cut all the little stems and leave maybetwo or three of the biggest branches on the plant... when i set it to flower in about 1 week or two it really starts to develope more branches that are much thicker than if i had left all the little ones .....
    anyway i wouldnt worry too much if i was you.....

    usualsuspect609 Active Member

    Thanks for the responses everyone. I couldnt try putting them back together it totally broke apart. It broke just below like the 3rd node from the top so it still has like 7 main nodes. A couple of the smaller fan leaves also got whacked and fell off. Its like 7" now so im still gonna finish it. I was more concerned about negative effects on my plants yield. Dont you get most your weight from the top main cola? How will this effect my yield?

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    jahtrip Well-Known Member

    It shouldnt effect your harvest weight too much.... i mean, if the plant hasnt began budding properly yet... then you havent lost anything... instead of having one phat bud, and all these little tiny ones that dont mature as well as your top one... youll have a more uniform plant... maybe 3-4 phat buds that are a little bit smaller than if you left the main cola... but instead of having one really phat one youll have 4 phat ones.. hehehe
    i always supper crop my pllants, and sometimes, outdoors i liike to just prune parts off..... never had a problem with the amount of each harvest...

    tyke1973 Well-Known Member

    Try grafting it back togeather ,do the same has you would do wit a broken leg put 3 bbq scewers around the boken area and then tape it up use the same kind of tape that is used on human cut these are sterial and no shit will be passed on to your plant.I have had the same happen to me but the plant only split in harf i put some rooting gel in the bit that was broke the put 3 splinters around the break it took a whie but she made it.It can be done but it will look has though it is dieing at first make sure the two harfs go perfectly togeather like a jigsaw then splinter and tape your girl up but in future remove your plants before any changes it is a little more work but it is worth it.Even if gowing hydrophonics i wait till tank is nearly emty before doing any changes or get who ever lives with you to give you a hand.

    ozzrek Active Member

    throw the plant back into veg for now... or the stress could and probably will lower your yeild significantly. give it a couple weeks then throw them back into 12/12

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