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HELP.... leaves wilting and I dont know why!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by dhec2007, Oct 31, 2007.


    dhec2007 Active Member

    our Plants Are About A Month And A Half Old Now We Have Them Under 2 Florecent Growing Lights. We Water Them Every 3-4 Days When They Need It, And Spray Them Every Night After The Lights Go Out. We Have Them On An 18 Hour Light Cycle With A Timer. They Were Doing Great Untill A Few Days Ago After A Few Needed To Be Transplanted. Not All Of Them Were Transplanted, But All Of Them Are Begining To Wilt. I Have Pictures Attacted, Any Advice Would Be Great. Thanks

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    motoracer110 Well-Known Member

    dude if that is a month old i would stop, you are wasting your time. A month into the grow and your plants should look like a little bush. something is wrong with either your seeds that you planted, the soil, nuts, or the lighting. also you don't want to grow more than one plant in the same pot. hey if you want good grow tips and a good setup idea look up growing on youtube.

    gardenandcats Well-Known Member

    For their age they don't look too good..I suggest you do some reading up on growing. The first rule is one plant per pot..And you need a good light source..

    imhigh2 Active Member

    whats good i got a plant and its a week into flowering i got it on 12/12 on and off but everytime i turn the light off the plant start to wilt any ideas on how to stop that

    datweedman Active Member

    my leafs only few but the ones that are wilting look darker than normal and scrunched up kinda why would be causing this

    goodmanla Active Member

    They look not that health...Try to use 1 plate in one pot...turn the light 24hrs

    GrowSpecialist Well-Known Member

    I definitely concur.

    hypernovax Well-Known Member

    lmao guys this thread is from 2007........

    imhigh2 Active Member


    Zhu Well-Known Member

    you have many things wrong here, very wrong. 1 plant per pot, lower the lights and get more, get a fan on them those stems are sad, and bury those stems instead of tying them up. You tie up stems that small one little wisp is gonna pinch them and woops theres a dead plant. God they just look miserable. You should really start over and read around on here before trying again. RIU best grow bible on the net.

    oh god just noticed the 2007....

    NoDrama Well-Known Member

    You need better dirt, and 25% perlite. at 6 weeks you should have 3-4 foot plants. what light do you use? One of those plants looks burnt. What kind of soil is it?

    schoolmeplz Member

    2010 now and I have wilting leaves on 2 of my 12 plants....LOTS of reading and research brough me here and to the conclusion I am overwatering, so even if this is from 2007...lol..it still helped me lol....

    ValleGrown Well-Known Member

    Lol that's fucking priceless
    J.J. Johnson

    J.J. Johnson Member

    to much dark, too young... try 16 - 8 Light To dark, thats what I do with my clones using straight un-chlorinated water. After a month there little shrub bushes

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