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Help, Leaves dying

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by ralf, Jul 21, 2011.


    ralf Active Member

    Can anyone please help me diagnose this plant problem, the plants are growing indoors in a proper tent, ie shop bought one specifically for the job.

    I have only about two weeks to go till cropping, these plants have been growing perfectly, till about 5 days ago. The leaves started turning upwards along the length of each finger of the leaves and turning a sort of darkish straw color. Each side of the each finger (if i can call them fingers) turned upwards and in to touch the center of the leaf strip, once the leaf fingers turned really dry, they then turned downwards from the end tip. This problem is slowly spreading to all other leaves, i desperately need to cure this problem before i loose all my plants

    Once the leaves turn fully fawn color, they drop off the plants all together, just like leaves do on treas at fall. The buds were just starting to swell beatifully, but now there growth has either slowed some or stopped swelling all together, i'm not sure which just now.:sad:

    I have taken some photos of the affected leaves, but i don't know how to get the photo's on to the computer, i am hoping to get some one to show me how to do it tomorrow, in which case i will post them at that time.

    Any help in the mean time would gratefully received, thanks in advance for any replies.

    zoombud Active Member

    From what I have read, the leaves will naturally turn yellow and die once the plant is near the end of its flowering (weed is an annual, so once it has either spread its seed or produced buds it dies off). The plant uses nutrients stored in the leaves to help with bud development, so the leaves will turn yellow once its nutrients have been taken and then it will fall off. This is my understanding and research so far, but I am still a little new too...also pics would be helpful :) will look when you can post them

    max316420 Well-Known Member

    Many people say that its "supposed" to happen but a plant that is grown completely right won't do that.. Got any pics?

    ralf Active Member

    Thanks for the reply zoom bud, but these are not turning yellow, its a definite fawn color.

    I have grown one other lot of plants before this one and the leaves on those plants did not die off like these are doing, i will try to get those photo''s posted tomorrow, thanks again for the reply.

    If any one else has any advice i would be most grateful.

    ralf Active Member

    I have got photos, but don't know how to get them from the camera to the computer, i am hoping to sort that out tomorrow, thanks for the reply max316420

    max316420 Well-Known Member

    Does your camera have a memory card?

    bajafox Well-Known Member

    I'd have to disagree, a healthy plant should have green leave's all the way till the end.

    Here's a Sour OG I just harvested yesterday


    Her leave's are as green as the day I threw her in my flower tent.

    max316420 Well-Known Member

    Thank you..... I totally agree with you and by the way she's BEAUTIFUL.

    timeflow Member

    I think we’re no all on the same page here: are you saying that a plant should retain all its leaves right up and until harvesting. And does that include all the paired node leaves and all the first alternating node fan leaves.
    I’ve never seen that.

    Kingrow1 Well-Known Member

    I think we know what we mean though, not saying every leaf will be perfect but no reason for any leaf drop realistically. Still it is always debated, lets see what the pics say when he posts them. Peace

    TheGreenHornet Well-Known Member

    sooo.. anyone actually know what the problem may be? - im having the same problem

    Kingrow1 Well-Known Member

    Start a thread post some pics and get some advice. Leaves yellowing middle of flower probably one of a few things but more than not it is a fert isssue, not enough maybe. Some allow and accept yellowing and worse late in flower when the bud is close to finishing some dont.

    DJEklipze Member

    its happening to me too, anywhere from 2-3 weeks from harvest, ive had so many die on me. its happening to my soil not my hydro tho. im going to post a separate thread and pics, hopefully someone knows what going on......i cant figure out if its neut burn or root bound or what.

    ralf Active Member


    ralf Active Member

    Those are the affected plants, any ideas anyone? I dont think i have much time to sort this problem before they kick the bucket.

    There is something strange going on here, this the second time i have posted the pictures, i posted them earlier and then checked that they were there in the thread. I clicked on them and they magnified, everything was in order, but when i have just checked it again, the pictures and my post was no longer here.

    Anyone else had this problem before????? Unless my plants are so sick, they are even killing my posts off????

    dirtysnowball Well-Known Member

    you see how the leaves are making an upwards claw shape, and they're trying to close. that's called nute burn... only water with plain water for a while. it would be a better idea to flush them imo

    ralf Active Member

    Thanks dirtysnowball, but how do i flush them? do i just water them with simple tap water and if so, how much water do i use per plant?

    I have just a done a moisture check and at there driest point, ie before i water and feed them, the moisture reading is a bout 2.5 and the p h reading on meter does not give a numerical reading as such, but rather just marks on the gage, there is a green section with 4 marks on it, then it goes in to a read scale and the needle is just one mark in to the red section.Which is a reading of acidty, albeit only just.

    Does that help to explain the problem at all? Thanks.

    Kingrow1 Well-Known Member

    If its nute burn it will have started near the top of the plant. They look bad, maybe flush pray and harvest but idk. What are all them little dots on the leaves? Peace
    Jack Harer

    Jack Harer Well-Known Member

    Cal/Mag. I promise. I wish I had the pics of my first 2 grows. They were IDENTICAL. It's an Mg def, but the plant needs C to effectively take up Mg, thus a cal/mag problem. I bet those leaves just crumble in your hand.
    I thought (and was told by many knowledgeable people on several forums) that the problem was nute burn. So the second grow, I starved them. If ANYTHING there should have been a deficiency, but BAM, right in the middle to final weeks of flower, the same shit happened, I added Botanicares Cal-Mag the third grow and didn't have so much a a yellow tip.

    ralf Active Member

    I cant see any dots Kingrow, although my eye sight is not brilliant i have to admit. Can anyone else any dots on the leaves??????

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