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HELP! Hermie signs on my budding bubilicious plant!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Homegrownlol, Feb 7, 2011.


    Homegrownlol Member

    found about 20 little balls toward the bottom of my plant on branches and i ripped them off in a panic what should i do, harvest early?? the buds are barely there though i need help!

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    legallyflying Well-Known Member

    Ripp balls off and cross fingers. If that is your only plant.. just do better next time. If you have several plants, make hash out of that one. You will never get "all the balls".

    Serapis Well-Known Member

    I've yet to hear of a Bubblelicious plant going hermie, until now, but still would like to see pics of male flowers on that plant. The plant doesn't look good for that strain. It appears to have been grown under weak lighting. The inter nodes are spaced out and the buds are airy and wispy.
    Alex Wayne

    Alex Wayne Member

    totally agree man.
    plus ,if it is your only plant ,just let it grow and rip the ball sacks off as they grow.I think a seeded stash would still be better than having no stash at all=D

    Homegrownlol Member

    lol it was grown under 400 watt hps i was wondering why the buds aren't coming in and i have another plant which is budding also further along though

    tricka Active Member

    ouch that hurt my eyes, sorry on the grow man, but yeah i would keep it and let grow out if its your only one, picking balls will helps as Alex said better than no stash at all

    THC604 Active Member

    Looks well airy...
    But castrate that fucker and move it away from the other lady...

    fingers crossed for ya..

    mrdrywall Active Member

    agree with everybody so far gotta keep it if you only got 2,keep removing them,man you gotta get the light closer or something i grew a few bubblelicious and the ones i actually managed to germ had huge buds

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