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Help!!! Buds turning yellow & dying @ 4 weeks!!

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by budire, Apr 30, 2009.


    budire Active Member

    Hi. Can anyone tell me whats going wrong here?? This is my third grow and Ive never seen this before. They are K-Train in week 4 of flowering. I have them in grow tent with oscillating fan, extractor fan & 400W HID. Im feeding Biobizz grow 2ml, bloom 2ml & topmax 1.5ml per litre water and they take about 5 litres between them every 2 days. Temps range from about 14-16c at night to 26-30c during day. The 400w is at about 8 inches from the tops but some of the worse affected buds are as far as 14 inches from the bulb. I dont think its heat to be honest because of how the leaves are yellowing allthough the little hairs do look burnt. I think its nutes but is it too little or too much?? I have not flushed the plants but I have been introducing nutes slowly and carefully as before. I also added about 2 teaspoons of Epson salts to 5 litres of water 4 days ago (no nutes) to prevent lockout. Ive done this on 2 previous grows with no need to flush.

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    dj crane

    dj crane Well-Known Member

    i'm no expert, but looks like temp, 30 is alittle high, my temp was at 30.3 and i had yellow buds similar to yours till i droped it down below 28, i'm still tryin to get my plants to not look so bad, but like i said that was my experince, maybe it's not temp.

    either way, i'll bump for a answer for you

    Luv2Blaze89 Active Member

    Um I have never heard of someones buds actually dying. I wouldn't say its too hot as your temps range are about average.

    Oh and any reason why you added salt? I've never heard of this and you might of actually damaged your plants. Maybe you should try flushing out your plants and give it a couple days.

    Only thing I can advise is keep a good watch on them for the next few days and I would highly recomend flushing out your plant(s). It could possibly be either 1. Nute Burn 2. Something with the Salt 3. You may have an unwanted visitor in your soil eating your plants roots(Friend had this problem).

    budire Active Member

    Thanks guys. Ive used the epsom salts (magneseum) before, it helps prevent nute lockout (apparently).... Oh and the buds nearest the light seem to be worse. Most buds are fine but the tallest seem worst affected. All lower growth is nice and green except for the ones that are yellowing and dying naturally. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated!

    adam1982 Well-Known Member

    i think it could be somthin to do with the humidity

    bigwheel Well-Known Member

    I'm taking a wild guess you got em too close to the lights. Try adding a foot or two of distance and see what happens.


    ajarrod Well-Known Member

    yeah dude you even said it yourself the one closet to the light are burnt and the ones at the bottom are green..you solve the problem yourself if you are using a type of HID light 12 inches from the top bud, if you are worried about the smaller bud than go get some CFL bulb, you normally want to only use 1 teaspoon of salt to much can cause lock out as well more so than lack of salt...JMO

    budire Active Member

    The weird thing is that not ALL the taller buds are turning brown like that... If they are dying is there any chance they will recover or should I snip em off so the plants can divert their energy elsewhere? Oh, in order to gain more height Im gonna have to cut out the bottom of my tent and prop it up on bricks!! My Tent is 6 feet in height but the plants are 5 and a half feet!!

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