HELP bud hairs dying ??????????

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. Well-Known Member

    HELP :( ok its not the top bud but its the ones below it the bud hairs are turning orangish (i know they r supposed to but its only 35 days exactly into flowering and if you touch them they fall off!!!)
    what am i going to do?

    caliboy80 Well-Known Member

    mine are 37days flowering and have some amber haairs sign of it coming into full maturity,

    are they maybe burnt?

    what light? how close? any pics
  3. Well-Known Member

    cant get pics srry :( but some of the buds have hardly eny lights on them at all becauase im still workin with they y connectors and the otheres are about 4 1/2 inches away from the light (26 watt cfls) i have 3 of them hooked up to 1 lamp

    KAOSOWNER Well-Known Member

    could be to many nutes. when you overnute it will turn hairs orange, dry and shriveled
  5. Well-Known Member

    ill dig out half the soil and add new soil then cuz i added slow release nutes

    KAOSOWNER Well-Known Member

    if you do that make sure you dont harm the roots. what type of nutes?

    fireworksgod Active Member

    Adding slow release nutrients isn't a good idea.
  8. Well-Known Member

    idk yellow balls crystle stuff (add to water) and a buncha nuted water lol

    i dug as deep as i could probobly 3/4ths down in the soil and got all the balls out added fresh soil to it and is it ok i couldnt get eny further down because all the roots were there and if id pull eny soil out its rip the roots

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