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Help BROWN HAIRS 4th week flower!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by klonerone, Nov 30, 2010.


    klonerone Active Member

    HI guys I woke up this morn to find some of the hairs on my plant are turning brown! There are no signs of male flowers????? The hairs looks shrivelled and brown and only on the tops of a few buds. Que paso? Help please!

    BSIv2.0 Well-Known Member

    Your plant is ripening...It's a good thing.

    NLXSK1 Well-Known Member

    Have you had any hermies or male plants around at all?

    My last plant caught some small amounts of pollen and started producing seeds. Watch the areas carefully around the brown pistils to see if you can see seeds forming.

    Otherwise it is just ripening as normal.
  4. its a good thing


    klonerone Active Member

    Thanks guys....it has me a bit stressed....the hairs seem to have retracted a bit as well....its only on one side of the plant, weird.... happened overnight...like I said I can't find any male flowers anywhere. I hope she's ok...I love her.....so much.

    gloydpeterson Member

    not tryin to be a dick but i think your wrong. i have the exact same problem as him, my girl is goin into her 4th week now and i have a few small buds that are in no way shape or form starting to get ripe. i know this because the buds with the shriveled hairs are waaaaaay to small for them to even begin thinking that they are ready for harvest. im starting to think maybe my plant is stunted :( i think this because aside from the small underdeveloped buds with shriveled up hairs, she also has some nice looking buds up higher but i have not seen any new development in them for about a week. im using bio-grow and tiger bloom and tiger big bloom for nutes. ill post some pics here soon can someone please help me out. ive heard that it is normal but ive also heard its not. i also heard that plants start growin alot in flowering i have not seen them get much taller. also this is my first grow i was doing a damn good job until now :( someone help!!!

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