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HELP! 4th Week flowering, leaves r turning lime green in color, leaf tips burnt down

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Honkeycorn, Mar 1, 2011.


    Honkeycorn Active Member

    Hi all and thanks for attending, My girls desperately need your help. +Rep for good help :)

    4th Week into flowering and leaves are turning lime green in color, leaf tips are turning slightly down and leaf stems are slightly darker than usual. Also all the tip edges (Sorry, I forget the actual term, please don`t shoot me) are starting to burn a little yellow/brown, but only on the outmost edges of the leaves, not centers of leaves...at least yet. I might be setting off the alarm early, but Im not liking seeing my girls leves lime up and curl like this. Is this a normal thing for half way through flowering? :wall:

    Steps taken so far::-P
    Two days ago I transplanted them from 1.5gal pots to 5 gal buckets. Then I flushed them with Final Flush Blueberry, waited till after the transplant cause I wanted the new soil I added to loose its basic ferts too as well as clear out buildups around the root base. Then the next day (yesterday) I added a small amount of water (250ml) with full strength nutes.

    What to do Now?:?:
    I guess only time will tell, give them a few days and see how they respond. But is there anything I should still do, or shouldn`t have done?
    Please give me any advice you can in an effort to help these ladies to the finish line without dying first.

    :clap:+Rep for good help :)

    Here`s my Pics: :weed::-o:-o:weed:
    DSCF1330.jpg DSCF1332.jpg DSCF1340.jpg DSCF1335.jpg DSCF1327.jpg DSCF1328.jpg DSCF1323.jpg DSCF1316.jpg DSCF1338.jpg DSCF1319.jpg DSCF1322.jpg DSCF1329.jpg DSCF1326.jpg DSCF1318.jpg DSCF1334.jpg DSCF1320.jpg DSCF1337.jpg DSCF1333.jpg DSCF1339.jpg DSCF1336.jpg DSCF1321.jpg DSCF1317.jpg DSCF1315.jpg DSCF1313.jpg DSCF1314.jpg

    Here`s my Spec`s:

    How long has this problem been going on? 2 weeks
    What STRAIN are you growing? 3x Jinn, 1x Skunk
    What was the establishing technique? (seed or clone?) clone
    What is the age of your plants? 19 weeks
    How long have they been in the soil mixture they are in now? Been transplanted twice to larger pots, two days ago was the last.
    Were they in the same mixture when they were seedlings/smaller plant? Yes
    How Tall are the plants? 30"Inches or 2.4'Feet from top of soil
    What PHASE (seedling, vegetative or flower) are the plants in? 4th Week Flowering
    What Technique are you using? None really, the one sativa is tied down a bunch cause it 6" LoL
    What size pots are you using? 1st small clay pot for 2mo`s then 1.5 Gal for another 2 mo`s two days ago went into 5 Gals
    What substrate/medium are you using? Soil What brand of soil mixture are you using? Miracle Grow Moisture Control for first two pots, Plain Miracle Grow Potting mix for last pot.
    What brand Nutrient's are you using? First two pots were Miracle Grow Nute Sticks, Then Optimum Hydroponics Bloom A+B.
    How much of each nutrient are you using with how much water? 25ml each of A+B for 10Gals of water.
    How often are you feeding? WAS every other watering at half strength. NOW every third or fourth at full strength.
    If flowering, when did you switch over to using Bloom nutrients? 2 week into flowering
    What is the TDS/EC/PPM of your nutrients used? Don`t have a meter :(
    What is the pH of the "RUN-OFF"? Don`t have a meter :(
    How often are you testing pH/ppm/EC/TDS? Don`t have a meter :(
    What method of pH test was administered? Using Strips? pH pen? Don`t have a meter :(
    How often are you watering? Was every two days, now 3-4 days.
    When was your last feeding and how often are you feeding? was fed two days ago
    What size bulb are you using? 250w HPS
    How old is your bulbs? New
    What is the distance to the canopy? 12"
    What is your RH Factor? (Relative Humidity) Was 60-80%, Now 40-60%
    What is the canopy temperature? 30c/86f
    What is the Day/Night Temp? Day 28c/82.4f, Night is 20c/68f
    What is the current Air Flow? (cfm etc.)Medium Oscillating fan in closet with closet door open most of day.
    Tell us about your ventilation, intake exhaust and when its running and not running ? None :( Just Fan
    Is the fan blowing directly at plants? No
    Is the grow substrate constantly wet or moist? No, dries in a 2-3 day period
    What water are you using? Tap
    Are you using water from a water softener? No
    Has plant been recently pruned, cloned or pinched? No, But Transplanted 2 days ago
    Have any pest chemicals been used? No
    Are plant's infected with pest's? No
    Here is a link to see them 3 or 4 weeks ago: http://www.rollitup.org/grow-journals/407014-1st-grow-4-cfl-s.html

    Is this Nute Burn:fire:? Def? Hunger from 1/2 Strength nutes, no root space from 1.5 Gals?

    :clap:+Rep for good help :)

    Honkeycorn Active Member

    Come on people... I just know there is someone knowledgable on here that knows what I should be doing.......

    Please help my girls out, I dont want them to die half way through flowering!

    +Rep for good help! Who wants it?

    SCARHOLE Well-Known Member

    Im thanking the light color up top is from Mag deffeciency, give her a tabl spoon epsom salt per gal water next time.

    The cripsy edges are from exess Nito, not to big of a deal half way threw flowering. Just give em a bit to use the N in the soil befor adding more.

    If you dont got a ph meter ( I dont either lol) use Bottled water the ph should be better than tap water, or try adding about 4 drops of Lemon juice per gallon of tap water , this will get the Ph down a bit incase theres a PH lockout Issue?
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    Honkeycorn Active Member

    Thanks Scarhole! thats just the type of info I was looking for! + Rep for you!

    I had already decided some Cal-Mag would probably be a good idea, maybe some Dolomite to ballance the Ph till I get a meter and some Ph up and down.

    Looks like I will be going to my local hydro shop :)

    thexception Well-Known Member

    how much longer do u have in flower? u do realize it is quite natural for ur fan leaves to start turning & be completely yellow when u r ready to harvest because ur plant should be n completely deficient by that point, allowing more energy to be sent to the flowering sites via ur bloom nutes.
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    Honkeycorn Active Member

    Hi Exception, +Rep for the answer! they are 30 days in flowering and I am planing on another 30 unless my girls tell me other wise.

    Yes I do know that, but this is my 1st grow and am still unsure if this is "The Perfect Burn" where the plant is drawing the reserves from the leaves OR if a problem is starting. That is why I am here asking your help.

    I had pretty much narrowed it down to:
    1. Nute Defeciancy or Excess
    2. Root Bound from 1.5 gal pots (have since transplanted to 5 gals)
    3. Hungar, from 1/2 strengh nutes
    4. Everythings fine and the plants are just completing their life cycle.

    Thanks for the response and confidance that my girls are fine. But is that what you really think? that they are doing fine and this is nothing serious?

    Thanks for helping to calm a 1st time growers nerves.

    luciferateme Active Member

    i am growing a skunk11 now myself and its feeding schedule has been up and down, some days the plant needs watering every 2 days and then it might be fine for five days, always feel the weight of the bucket before you feed, also make sure theres some nice big holes in the bottom to let any excess water in the bottom of the pots run out. also i would invest in a ph meter, just because you are using ph balanced water the plants can make the soil acidic or alkaline, oh is very important.
    plants look good though so dont do anything rash they will be fine, cal mag when you next water(when needed).
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    Honkeycorn Active Member

    Thanks for the help and support, +Rep!

    I have just started using the bucket lifting method, but also just switched to 5 gals fo its a bit tougher to gague as its a new sized bucket for them, they do all have lots holes, thinkin more on the sides next time thoug(obvisiouly with fabric around the inside, but I heard those work really well so the roots dont spin in a circle, found it in Scarholes Journal:http://www.rollitup.org/grow-journals/402696-scarholes-perpetual-grow.html

    Hopefully they have some dolomite and Cal-Mag at my shop in town. I am waiting on the meter though cause I want a tri-meter but dont have the cash yet, soon though.

    thexception Well-Known Member

    okay, here's what I think & see. U just gave full nutes, & change pots so if no other ill effects occur in a few days, u can continue with ur full nutes. in the pics from when they were in veg some of the leaves looked a little lime green then. it is quite possible they were a bit nutrient deficient then & it has carried over into flowering. Since u r still a month out in flowering u can try to give them a little N to green up the leaves. yellowing from the bottom up (in general) is common in the last 2 wks of flowering, some strains a bit earlier. definitely take baby steps w/everything u do now, so u can notice potential changes (good or bad) u know u can get a simple ph meter in lowes or similar for like $6...just do it :) No plants r perfect, u will have the minor nute burn here & there, not perfect coloring, etc. u just have to guage them & make sure the defect is minor & not progressive & at this point that is what u r doing. In a few days, a week, u reacess where ur plants r at & go from there.

    Honkeycorn Active Member

    DAY 2 Update:

    Didnt have a chance to get to the hydro shop today, but did take some more pics, not sure if I can see a difference yet though:
    DSCF1360.jpg DSCF1348.jpg DSCF1355.jpg DSCF1359.jpg DSCF1349.jpg DSCF1372.jpg DSCF1354.jpg DSCF1347.jpg DSCF1370.jpg DSCF1363.jpg DSCF1353.jpg DSCF1369.jpg DSCF1358.jpg DSCF1365.jpg DSCF1362.jpg DSCF1352.jpg DSCF1366.jpg DSCF1351.jpg DSCF1357.jpg DSCF1364.jpg DSCF1361.jpg DSCF1350.jpg DSCF1346.jpg DSCF1345.jpg DSCF1356.jpg DSCF1371.jpg

    Whatch yall think?

    REALSTYLES Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    Definitely a PH problem which is causing the nutes to be locked out. Get a PH test kit it's cheap from the hydro store for like $9 if you can't get a meter right now

    thexception Well-Known Member

    Okay, if it were me I would do a major flush, because it looks like nute burn all over, a prominent ph problem to say the least & potentially progressing. nute lock out, possible but I don't think so. In any case a flush & restart is what u need to do. I think ur full strength nutes r not a good idea. Leaves curling, visibly burnt edges up to 1/4 of ur leaf, leaves clawing down, curling up... not good. You have to flush & you then HAVE to get a ph meter TOMORROW if u want to know what is going on in the soil & if ur flush was successful in bringing the ph where it should be ....between 6.0-7.0 ideally around 6.5-6.8.

    Honkeycorn Active Member

    See, I thought so. Those Pics from , last night looked too "good" to me, the plants themselves looked worse than the pics so I thought I would snap more today. Now glad I did.

    Going to my store asap tomorrow.

    Thanks guys, keep ya updated tomorrow!

    Wish my girls luck :)

    mededcannabis Active Member

    4 weeks i flower, it is normal for yellowing(usually the bottom lower fan leaves will yellow first). add just a little n. you mentioned nothing of ph so i am assuming you havent checked it. start with ph and go from there. never add anything before you check your ph. often its a ph problem. transplanting and then adding nutes is also a bad idea. wait a while then add nutes.

    nwaredstar7 Member

    Yeah man transplanting during flowering isn't a good idea...now your plant is going to have to build up more root mass when it should be giving all nutes to bud production, not the end of the world though. I'm using sand buckets I got from a kids store and my plants haven't become rootbound...hell people grow in party cups lol. I have the same problem on mine, though it's more of the edges curling down and browning, just a minor pH issue and too much nutes. To put this simply, you're overthinking it =)

    Honkeycorn Active Member

    Thanks Meded +Rep for you!

    I am getting the PH Meter today, bitin the bullet, hopefully they have good multi pens in.

    And the only reason I transplanted and fed nutes was cause I had a sneaking suspicion that it was hunger from half strength nutes making them do this, I guess we will see. I will update you all with figures later today.

    THANKS A MILLION FOR THE HELP PEOPLE!!! I think this is the most responses Ive ever got on a thread and in only like a day!

    Honkeycorn Active Member

    Thanks Nwaredstar7, I know, I REALLY didnt want to do the transplant... but I kinda felt I had too cause they were in 1.5 gals and I was just invisioning the whole tub being nothing but a huge root ball and paniced I guess.

    Its also hard recieveing conflicting info on here, Some people are saying they`re fine and I have nothing to worry about, while others are saying I should be taking drastic action.

    But I do appreciate all peoples views as it gives me alot mmore info to go with.

    I will update you all later today.

    bongsmilieCheers :bigjoint:

    medicalmaryjane Well-Known Member

    I think the biggest problem you're facing is transplanting and overdoing it with he nutrients too quickly after the tranplant. I have a plant that is a couple weeks into flower and I had to trasplant because she was in 3 gallon, I can't imagine 1.5 gallon, your plants look pretty big. I can understand wanting to transplant. I read that you will have low yield if you don't transplant but slower growth initially if you do. I transplanted to 6 gallon a couple weeks ago and things are back on track. I didn't give nutes for 2 weeks. I used organic soil for the transplant with minimal nutients in it. What kind of soil did you use? I never check PH, I know it's not good but I don't have a meter. The bottom fan leaves on my plant look terrible but I've heard this is normal. Goodluck. :)

    333maxwell Active Member

    I've went through this exact same thing.. although who knows if the reasons were the same.

    Tell me you have a PH tester.. a dropper tester in the aquarium section of Walmart for 4 bucks will be better than nothing.,.


    Until your PH is corrected you can dup all the nutes and minerals on her and it can just compound the issue.

    Get a dropper tester, run some water through her.. test the run off.. even if you pure distilled 7ph water continually, if your soil is base or acidic the ph'd water (7 is too high anyway) wont have a chance.. you have to get that soil ph correct..


    As it is, with the transplant you have a lot of variable going on.. you have old dirt the plant is sitting in, and hot new dirt the plant is trying to grow in.. like 3 environments at once and the plant is trying to cope..


    If it is me, I am going to test my run off.. get a bunch ph'd water with some good fast acting nitrogen in there at about half strength (shoot for 6.4-6.5 ph or so) and run it through the plant until it runs out at the base to the ph you are putting in..

    Give her a few days to adjust.. you may get a bit of burning as she is trying to get new roots into the hotter soil.. you will also get some leaves that say 'screw it' and will yellow and fall, much of it due to the drenching you just gave her and she hasn't really adjusted to the new soil yet etc etc..

    BUT, within a week, if my theory of PH is correct..

    You see off PH will also burn leaves and make everything. seem like there is a nutrient issue.. truth is, the PH doesn't allow the plant to get the nutrients even if available.. so GET THAT PH RIGHT.


    My plants were about the same stage as your when this happened to me (and I had lost my PH meter and was just winging it) .. even though nitrogen is cut back during flowering, at about 5 weeks she really is needing a good few doses to get her back to lush. You may even notice a regrowth of veg, some of your bud might get a few leaves on them.. nothing to worry about.. it might even slow your flowering for a week.. BUT, your plant will get back to being fed, ph'd and healthy and any delay in flowering will be well made up by a happier more productive plant..

    Good luck~!
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    Honkeycorn Active Member

    Hi All here is the DAY 3 update,

    I`ve gone to the shop and picked ua few items:
    - TDS Wand (PPM/EC/CF @500)
    - Hanna PH Meter
    - PH up, Down, Buffer #7, Electrode Storage Soultuion
    - Superthrive
    - Supermax B1p
    DSCF1381.jpg DSCF1390.jpg DSCF1386.jpg DSCF1387.jpg DSCF1388.jpg DSCF1389.jpg

    ***Mad Props to my store owner for this next 1L FREE SAMPLE
    - General Hydroponics Floral Nectar Sweetener Fruit`n`Fusion 0-0-1 wasn`t even on the shelf yet!


    So, Here is some reading from the Liquids:
    My tap water is ................................60ppm, 7.0ph.
    My Nestle Purlife bottled water is ..360ppm, 7.0ph.
    My half strength nute mix is ..........360ppm, 6.5ph. supossed to be 5.8ph.
    My full strength nute mix is ..........1250ppm, 6.0ph. supossed to be 5.8ph.

    I know they are not that accurate but I tried to get some readings directly from the soil with these instruments and go So,

    Here is some reading from the Soils:
    - Old soil type prior to transplant 6.1ph with 360ppm from the bag.
    - New soil type after transplant 6.5ph with 820ppm from the bag.
    - Soil today 6.1ph from 3 inch down in one of the girls buckets.
    - Today My Soil`s runoff is 6.9ph and 120ppm :(

    I`ve never used the ph up or down so I`m not totally clear on this process. Can someone please break it down? How to apply and how often for what results?

    Now I need an action plan, What would you recommend with the new weapons at my disposal?

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