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Heirloom cannabis seeds??

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by B166ER420, Sep 6, 2012.


    B166ER420 Well-Known Member

    I was just browsing a few seed banks and saw barney's farmses Dr.Grinspoon,that shit looks uniquely delicious(25%thc DAMN!!!).Is there any other heirloom varieties??Have any of ya'll had exp w heirlooms or BF's Dr.G.I hear they r not easy to grow.I would love to start a seed collection starting with heirlooms before they go up n smoke:joint::).I already have a decent veg heirloom collection so this is "right in my pipe".thx 4 any knowledge,I luv learnin


    GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!!GO TEXANS!!!!!!!!!

    beer316 New Member

    here is mine http://www.rollitup.org/general-marijuana-growing/548403-man-eating-plant.html still going and 6 feet tall. i think it was in week 15 of flower now if im not mistaking. had some severe heat issues and it suffered. a lot of the leaves got curled because of it. they also are very sensitive to nutrients. one i had which flowered faster burned from just a small dose of grow. i will try to dig up some pics. it was not very dense at all. i didnt really care for it overall. it's too much leaf to bud ratio. it tastes really good though if u can clean all the leaf out. i would recommend a sativa hybrid instead. right now im trying out y griega an 80% sativa. i'll dig up some pics of my grinspoon. i cant take pics now cause im not at my grow and it looks like shit anyway from the previous heat stress. figured i may as well finish it out though.

    beer316 New Member

    100_2005.jpg 100_2052.jpg 100_2056.jpg she flowered earlier than her sisters. but you can see she is a bit burned by nutrients and and heat.

    althor Well-Known Member

    Dont believe company hype of 25% thc. That is a very misleading kind of number.

    Bargar Well-Known Member

    This is One of my next strains to grow, and while I look forward to growing it.... I DREAD having to trim it. Out of curiosity how long did it take you to trim that one Beer316? Or is it not finished yet?

    Also I am pretty sure the 25% thc (potential) is with the right phenotype and a perfect environment and nutrients.

    beer316 New Member

    according to high times with a gas chronography test is was like 20 something. but high times can even be misleading and/or biased.

    beer316 New Member

    cant honestly say. gave my friends each a free bag of some other stuff for trimming it for me. was too busy with work at the time. i could ask them when i see them again. i wasnt there when they did it. in case your wondering these aint just normal friends, i've known them for a very long time and one of them doesnt even smoke except on like holidays and such. no worries about thievery.

    yeah if the 25% thc is accurate, it would be a top pheno under best conditions. it's the same with flowering time. they say 120 days, i'd say half a year. except the one was fast though. under 12 weeks. just a weird pheno i guess.

    if you were talking about the one that has a pic in the man eating plant thread, that one is still going and just started showing strong signs of flowering. i think it was stunted though for weeks from the heat. i almost just wanted to get rid of her but shes already far along and still alive. my fault for not controlling the heat better. and my mini split ac didnt put out nearly enough BTUs. also my co2 gen wasnt helping, had to shut it down.

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