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Heeeelp - Too much light during flowering....

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Geekboy, Aug 26, 2010.


    Geekboy Member

    So, I'm 12 days into 12/12 flowering period and I override my light timer, forget and leave it switched on permanently, it was like this for 6 days (24 hours of light).
    The poor plants look yellow and sick, the leaves seem very thin and it has stretched a little and I'm now running out of vertical space. I believe the strain is bubblegum, the plant is now 5ft tall and showing plenty of flowers and emerging bud sites, as soon as I realised what had happend I switched the light off and back to it's regular 12/12 cycle.
    I lowered the nutrient strength before I realised the light cycle was wrong - which may have caused the plants more stress..
    This is my first grow, so this was a test run anyway - the plants are growing in an aeroponic system with no grow medium and seemed to be doing pretty well up until this mistake.

    My question is for any advice to minimise the damage...

    Thanks in advance...
    I can post pictures if it would help...

    stonesour Well-Known Member

    Start training it, LST if you can to minimize heights and promote bud site growth. With 6 days on 24/7 I would definatly watch out for the plants to herm and sprout balls. In the meantime try to recover, water them lay off the nutes and stick to the schedule. Im sure they will bounce back. Good luck!!

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