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Heavy Buds Breaking Branches Off!!!!

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by PiffGuerilla, Sep 10, 2008.


    PiffGuerilla Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, i haven't been able to post up pics of my outdoor grow this year, but believe me it hasnt been an easy one, or one maybe people would want to have, alot of issues, but i cant complain, I still have my one Big female that made it, out of 10 :finger:, so w.e. The main issue I first had were the pots falling over from the plant being so wind enabled to catch force with the big canopy, so i got a few stakes and held the pot to the ground. Now my new, two day later problem, since i supercropped this plant, all of the branches are too heavy for the plant to physically support, what ways are there to hold these nugs up that will be easy but no detectable from air? Thanks guys.

    restlesswynd Active Member

    drive a piece of bamboo somewhat down into the center of the pot- kind of next to the main stem. all the stems close to the center, you can tie off to the bamboo. for the ones towards the outside of the plant, you can put a few stake in the ground just outside the pot and tie them off to those bamboos.
    not sure how big your plant is, but maybe next year you can put the BIG tomato cage around each plant when you start the season. the plants grow up into the cage and the cage thus helps support the side branches. you may still have to install bamboo stakes to help support it in addition to the cage.
    i've been doing this for awhile and have monster plants. i put all my bamboo stakes in position at the beginning of the season so that i don't hurt the roots by doing it late in the game(as you are doing).
    i always have to battle high winds and rain(late in the season), so i have learned to rig up all sorts of supports throughout the season. the key is to do it at key points and key times during the season so it's always supported in case of any unexpected winds or storms and you will have several different points that are supported.

    ooooops, reread your post as i finished typing my reply and noticed that you want a low key method for ti eying the plants up.

    i dunno, depending on how crazy you want to get, you can camo spray the bamboo and rope?

    where i live(norcal), ppl are growing 100 MONSTER plants full sun, so we don't usually worry too much about being low key hehehe

    PiffGuerilla Well-Known Member

    Damn bro thanks for the post, wish i saw it earlier! Well without seeing the post thats what i did lol! I got a nice 8' tall bamboo stick, since im growing in a big pot next to a dead tree trunk that i have been tying to previously. i took some strong tape and wrapped the bamboo to the trunk. The bamboo is old and has a slit in the middle so i took string and wedged it in the slit and pulled downwards untill it got caught, worked amazing, hell better than i thought it even would, now the plant looks so much better even being supported. The plants not that bushy like you guys in Cali but it has amazing colas. Im gettin pics today

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