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    leftreartire Active Member

    i know alot of people use heating mats when cloning and germinating new seedlings. i am sure you can use a heating pad to do the same. my question is what is the temp of a heating mat?

    bigsteve Well-Known Member

    Too damn hot! I tried a mat for germing and my success rate went from 100% to 70%.

    Dwezelitsame Well-Known Member

    you must use a thermostat with yo padd makes it cycle off an on to hold set temp i maintain a temp of 80 deg on mine from germ to transplant

    if you just plug a mat in it will run at its max temp all th time could be 100 could be higher i dont know

    Spanishfly Well-Known Member

    I have a 20W heating mat - I regulate it via a lamp dimmer. Keep a thermometer in with the seeds.

    leftreartire Active Member

    well the reason i ask is figuring using a heating met i could place a few laundry towels over it and get it to the temp that a heating mat is. i have never used one but i hear good and bad things so i figured i would give it a try and see how it works for me

    CiderSpy Active Member

    I started using a 50w heating pad, at lowest setting under a plane of glass 1/8th. for the new clone my dome s gets is 28C 100% humdy warmer soil and faster rooting. even keeping the trays off the direct contact bottom,

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