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Heat Stress Effects

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by blueberrydreams, Sep 24, 2008.


    blueberrydreams Well-Known Member

    I've searched through this site and google on the effects of Heat stress/Light burn and didn't find much info besides telling me to move the lights i'm in my fourth day of flowering cycle and haven't seen any new growth since i started flowering.
    my question is will they recover? if so how long should i expect this stunted growth?

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    ThomJefferson Well-Known Member

    descibe the grow environment -CO2, light, temps..

    blueberrydreams Well-Known Member

    5 42w 2700k Cfls 3 inches away from foliage
    85 F 30-40% Humididty day cycle
    70 F 50-60% Humidity night cycle

    blueberrydreams Well-Known Member

    Wow no answer, thanks :( :(

    BOulderbuds Active Member

    looks to me like it got burnt. i would raise the lights a little bit and if thats tin foil on the walls take it off.

    redirasta Well-Known Member

    those plants are a little small to be in bud already, although I don't think you'll yield much the plants will stop vegitative growth, for about a week then the first pistols will show up, change the fert to a 1-5-5 for budding. Add some molasses.

    indianwarrior Well-Known Member

    Hi Blueberry, what kind of water are you using? If your using tap water, let it sit out for a couple days before watering. And ph it..:leaf:

    richjames Well-Known Member

    The plants themselves will be ok, the leaves that got burned i doubt will ever come back. Maybe just trimoff the burnt part of the leaves, or cut the burned leaves off so the plant isn't wasting the energy it needs for flowering on them. If u take the leaves completely off, take only the leaf, leaving the little stem on the plant, this minimizes stress. Jw, why'd u make em flower so early? Is it just a space thing?

    blueberrydreams Well-Known Member

    So basically the plants will be fine, and i have nothing to worry about?

    i have been following seemorebuds book, and he flowered at day 16. I actually let them veg for 25 days before flowering. I'm growing in a rubbermaid setup(see signature)
    So i'm trying to keep them below 20 inches because cfl's do not work sufficiently if the plant gets above that height.

    I hope all this makes sense, because i am really really high bongsmiliebongsmiliebongsmiliebongsmilie:bigjoint::bigjoint::eyesmoke::eyesmoke::weed:

    richjames Well-Known Member

    Ya they should be fine. If ur leaves start to fold and curl under then it's still too HOT!Checked oot the rubbermaid box onur signature, that thing looks pretty sweet. I used the mylar blakets on my closet setup as well, cost me like $4 at wally world ha ha!
    P.S. My temps are close to the same as urs, just a bit lower, and they're fine.

    thelittletruck Well-Known Member

    85 F day temps should be fine.
    I would look into pH -> my plants were small like yours until i watered with pH 5 water to offset my soil's higher pH -> then they grew! :D

    Check the pH of your soil, and then adjust the pH of your water.
    You want pH around 6.

    richjames Well-Known Member

    What was ur soils ph? I've been tryin somethin like u did, i'm usin water at 6.0 for soil that tested close to 8.0

    lacrossebh Well-Known Member

    You have to hot in the day and in the night is one big diferenc!!! work that!!!
    With nutes you use! need more nutes for the babes get strong!!!

    burlingo Well-Known Member

    yea, you should be fine.

    one of my plants looked exactly like that a week or so ago and is now doing great!

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