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Heat problems with grow tent

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Croshask, Oct 20, 2008.


    Croshask Active Member

    Having trouble with my grow in my closet. My seeds haven't germinated yet, but I am using a 400watt HPS light in my grow tent just like this one:

    New 4x4 x 6.5 HYDROPONIC GROW TENT HYDRO BOX HUT - eBay (item 360098357484 end time Oct-22-08 21:00:00 PDT)

    I have a intake and exhaust fan, another larger fan inside pointing at the light and a cool mist humidifier in there, so there's not much room for anything else. The light is already over 1 foot over my pot. I can;t get the temp to keep from going into 99+ degrees.

    Bongulator Well-Known Member

    The room which the hut is inside needs to be kept cooler, to bring down the temps inside the hut. It's as simple as that.

    icemassa Well-Known Member

    ive tried to have my cab in my closet before when i first started growing and it was very hard to keep my temp down. unless you have ventilation in your closet this isnt going to work. maybe with cfls in a cab with a very large walk in closet. you would be better off taking that 400w out of the tent and hanging it in the closet then actually venting the closet as you would the tent, which would mean cutting holes in the closet. or just take the tent out of the closet and let the tent vent into a room. ventilation is very important when it comes to plant growth. peace.

    bambam13579 Well-Known Member

    is your ballast in your grow room if so take it out this will help bring down the temps a little bit but if the are 99+ i would advise a bigger exhaust fan and intake

    EZer New Member

    Start the seeds under a smaller light. Get a CFL or two.

    docd187 Well-Known Member

    put some oscillating or box fans in there for air circulation, get an intake and exhaust fan, an ac, cool tube lights all these should help with your temp problems.

    Bongulator Well-Known Member

    Unless you reduce the ambient temp of the room housing the tent, all the fans in the world are just going to be blowing hot air from one corner to another. The heat must be removed from the room, or else it will just build up. (I use that to good advantage in the winter -- I don't need to heat one floor of my house at all, and sometimes I even have to open the windows.)

    cookin New Member

    yep what bongulator said, and get a cool tube. i have a grow tent in my room and regulate it by opening my window more or less or shut it now cause its colder. a cool tube helped me reduce about 10 degrees i think

    buttledge89 Active Member

    i would raise your light higher. during seed germination a 400 w needs to be like 2-3 feet above the plants. this will cool down the room a little because the light wont be as close to the thermometer. its better to have the light higher than closer becuase you begin to have problems with heat stress. also with temps that high prob should make sure the soil is moist all the way through the pots. 99 degrees is detrimental for ganja. hope this helps.

    REELIST Member

    whoever suggested removing carbon filter your are a LIFE SAVER. i was struggling to get below 30 C (I even moved the whole operation as i had a high of 38!!!!!) and now its steady at 28 C after 10 mins. Smell isnt a problem yet however the noise of the fan is much louder. Im in a pretty secure spot but its a comprimise il take as some of my plants were showing yellow tip leaves despite stable pH and minimal nute usage
    Mister Black

    Mister Black Active Member

    When you are dealing with high heat then airflow is your friend. Moving forward what are you going to do about the smell when it comes?

    smokingdagreen Member

    If you removed your filter and it made the temps go down then you need a bigger fan. Get a 6 or 8" inline.

    REELIST Member

    like smokingdagreen suggested i will have to get a bigger fan. Thought my exhaust was 6'' infact its only 4''! Summer weather is pushing the temps up higher so need to order it, managed to get a 5'' TT really cheap to use as an intake and its had no afffect whatsoever (pay for what you get). Smell isnt really a big issue but the filter does reduce the sound significantly.

    Sorry to hijack the thread but while im waiting for bigger fan does anyone think using both 4'' RVK and the 5'' TT as (2 separate) exhaust fans could help? Ive tried using the 4'' as an exhaust (i know its smaller but its seems to be more powerfull) and the 5'' TT as an intake and then tried it the other way around and im getting nowhere apart from frustrated. Using them both as exhaust fans seems to be the only other thing i can think of. Or is just futile because the air coming in simply isn't cold enough??

    herballuvmonkey Well-Known Member

    here is an easy solution. Cut two holes in your closet one n the ceiling, one in a side wall. By 2 bath fans one 50 cfm one 70 cfm. Connect the 50 to the ceiling (this will be your exhaust) and the 70 to the wall outside of the closet. This will create positive air pressure so you will take out less than you put in this way you can run a duct fan through your cool tube which you hopefully have running thru your hid light. Vent your hid into the ceiling also you can get a 'Y' connector so you can vent them both thru one hole. Your temps in your closet will come down plus you will be moving cooler air thru your light and out. Might cost you a whole 60 bucks if you don't shop around. Temps will be in the mid to low 80's. This is also dependent on what you keep your ac in the house set on. I kept mine at 78 and temps normally ran 6-8 degrees higher in the closet. good luck

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