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Heat, Humdity or Over Watering? Pictures

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Jjaysbk, Mar 14, 2011.


    Jjaysbk Member

    I can't tell between the three types in the title.

    Description: Leaves are taco shaped long ways and are curling down. One of the slightly bigger seedlings has some brownish tinge to the center line.

    My seedlings are in an organic soil medium with 30-35% perlite and verm.

    I think I over-watered, but the leaves feel kind of "dry". The soil was saturated with 30% runoff 3 days ago, but they are STILL SEEDLINGS with no more than 2 small leaves, and I'm wondering if since they were seedlings they couldn't handle the "flood"

    I'm also using a 600w HPS, but I put a temp guage right next to the plant, and it says 78 degrees at the highest point, and around 74 for the lowest. The light is like 16 inches away from them. Maybe the light is too strong for the little guys?

    Heres my guess: They show signs of stress after around 3 days, so its not necessary to judge a plant by its current leaves when some changes have been made (like stop watering).

    The humdidity is also low, highest it ever reaches is 40 :sad: The lowest I've seen it is around 30 on a cold dry night.

    I transplanted like 4 seedlings into this new organic mixture, and maybe they are just stressing from that alone. Here is a pic

    The best looking ones are the ones in the back corner of the room that I did not "flood" with water after transplanting. However, I'm not sure if its humidity, light, or water.

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    d6520 Well-Known Member

    Looks like shit bro Pp

    Jonus Well-Known Member

    How old is it? Sometimes it takes a while for a seedling to kick into gear. Its best you do not try to push this to happen. 30% runoff in a pot that size would take a seedling weeks to consume. Leave it for 4 or 5 days to dry out, misting it mainly. It needs time to put its roots down. When it does the leaves will follow.
    benny blanco

    benny blanco Active Member

    The HPS might be too intense for a seedling but I dunno

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