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Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by BigT, Jan 26, 2007.


    BigT Active Member

    Hey everyone

    I got a letter from a friend saying he got some seeds, all he said was that they were "strands of headies".... im looking to grow outdoors...what are headies and are they good for outdoor?


    battosai Well-Known Member

    it means headstash foo

    420penguin Well-Known Member

    I don't know what headstash means.

    thewood Active Member

    if your growing outdoors in northern climate indica strains are the best

    le1337need Well-Known Member

    I think headies may refer to the high the plant gives, such as a cerebral high possibly.

    420penguin Well-Known Member

    someone else told me that they mean the very top of the plant. they alluded to the fact that they believed that headies are more powerful than the rest of the bud or in some way better. I have no idea. Can't wait to find out.

    leafwrapper Well-Known Member

    lol headies is just another term for how dank the weed is. Around here thats good grass.

    mogie Well-Known Member

    I have never heard the term before must be some sort of slang.

    ugly Active Member

    in the Boston area thats slang for really good buds

    ismoked2joints Active Member

    well i have only been on this site a lil bit like 3 times but i thought the top or head of the plant or top of a nug had the highest amount of thc due to the hang'em up side down to let the thc and cbd to run from the stem to the top of the bud via gravity:joint: :hump:

    willyjack420 Active Member

    This is the chart for weed quality and pricing:

    #1. Schwag - Lowest of the low, this is the kind of pot you smoke when you're on welfare, got no job, desperate to get high, or African American.

    Characteristics: brickish, very brown or often little green, very seedy
    Average Prices: $10-20/8th, $50-80/ounce.

    #2. Mid-Grade (also known as Arizona) - This is the commercial grade marijuana. A lot of dealers make huge profit margins on this stuff because they get it really cheap. The high is often a body type and lasts for a solid 30-40 minutes tops.

    Characteristics: seedy, mostly green, moderate scent, chaffy, sometimes a lot of stems
    Average Prices: $20-35/8th, $90-130/ounce.

    #3. Beasters - This is the most widely smoked type of cannabis around. It's what the average college student smokes, the average toker who doesnt know too much about exotic strains. The high is generally body-oriented, and lasts a few hours.

    Characteristics: compact, many red/brown/white hairs, squishey, smells dank
    Average Prices: $40-55/8th, $200-280/ounce.

    #4. Headies - This is the best kind of weed around, mostly the kind you find growing in many of your fellow RIU.org subscribers gardens. Lots of crystals, dank dank aromas, and beautiful nugs are some of the many attributes headies possess. The high is generally cereberal and very strong, as you are smoking the most potent sensimillia pot on the market! (besides shit thats sprayed, and we don't like that stuff anyways)

    Characteristics: fluffy, crystals galore, beautiful hairs, very noticeable smell, called some kind of crazy name by the dealer you bought it from (blueberry, juicy fruit, chronic, widow, etc.)
    Average Prices: $60-80/8th, $350-500/ounce.

    markman12 Active Member

    i live in boston..headies is just another word for quality weed..headies is usually 20 dollors kind bud is 15 and mids is 10..u clearly dont kno much about weed..mids is horrible and will burn u out fast..and headies is grown from a mids seed..when your plant buds and you pick it right away its mids..if you let it grow and really become resinated(idk if that a word) then u have urself quality headies.

    jt18152 Active Member

    boston here to HEDIES is just a term for the best weed

    thenotright Member

    headies is just another name for exotic...dro...not swag

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