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Head Shops In Pittsburgh?

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by Sepultallifly, Apr 28, 2010.


    Sepultallifly Active Member

    Anyone know of any good head shops in Pittsburgh? I know the DEA raided most of them years ago, but I just moved here in January and I'm looking to find a new glass slide for my Graffix piece (I always swap out metal parts for glass)...had a bit of an accident the other day when I knocked it over. :( N I don't really have the time to drive too far outta my way for a $20 slide. Maybe if I was making a big purchase, like a Volcano or a Roor, but not for a slide.

    reezy Active Member

    theres a place out 885 called hermits dwelling. its a tatoo/"gift" shop, just ask the girl if they got glass and she'll take u in some little cut room with some shit.. it will work if ur only lookin for a slide. the prices are a bit stiff but its prob better than driving to west virgina

    four2zerOallday Well-Known Member

    Benjamin Beatles- Butler, PA
    New Brighton Head Shop- New Brighton, PA
    Coolridge Head Shop- Morgantown, PA (best selection. Most people I know looking for good glass will head down here. Not much more than an hour from Downtown)

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