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Head high vs Body High

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by mora, Jun 1, 2010.


    mora Active Member

    I have heard these terms about pot. But what do they mean?

    ukgrower2110 Well-Known Member

    you know sometimes u blaze, ur good and awake and feel alive, and other times u just wna sit the fuck down and munch some pizza. but it can vary dependin on how u feel b4 u smoked, ur tolerance, what ur expectin etc etc

    jhopkins34 Active Member

    Head High- your mind just opens up and it also calms down, I have a very active mind I'm always talking to myself in my head and just always thinking about different things, but once I smoke this voice goes away and I can just relax

    Body High- Your body feels like its almost moving through time or your stuck to the couch just feeling this high take over your body

    I'm a head high guy personally just because if I smoke weed that will give a mainly body high, I don't feel that high cause my mind is still racing and I still have that little voice in my head, well I can still feel the body high and feel high just not as high as the head high makes me

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